McCain Stands Firm in the Iraq War Debate

While the Democrats, and some Republicans, are more than willing to wave the white flag and surrender to extremist forces, John McCain remains committed to success in Iraq and in the greater war on terror.

While the US Senate seems to back a 2008 withdrawal of American forces from Iraq (in other words, setting a time for the terrorists’ victory celebrations to start), McCain made an excellent case demonstrating the success of the current policy in Iraq.

McCain dismissed current critics of the war and of Bush’s surge policy as endeavouring to “micromanage a conflict based on what the conditions were three months ago — not what the reality is today.” He added that the surge “is working far better than even the most optimistic supporter had predicted. Progress is tangible in many key areas despite the fact that only 40 percent of the planned forces are in Iraq.”

The left and the anti-Bush/American brigade (Sean Penn et al.) are ignoring the fact that US policy in Iraq is turning out to be more successful than they had hoped (they act and speak like they hope for disaster and eventual defeat).

Presidential hopeful, John McCain, recognizes the necessity of victory in the war on terror (and yes, Iraq is a crucial part of the war on terror despite what the MSM would have us believe). Success over the extremists is vital not just for  security in the Middle East but for the national security of America (and by extension, the free world). The next President must be prepared to carry on the fight.

See also Blogs For McCain for video


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