Rosie’s War Against America

Once again, Rosie O’Donnell took up the fight against the United States of America and its allies today on The View.

Referring to the capture of 15 British sailors, she urged viewers to “google Gulf of Tonkin” on several occasions during the show. Her implication was that the current Iran incident would be used as a pretext for war. Clearly, Rosie is against the US and its allies on any issue. There can be no defence for Iran capturing those British sailors. It is clearly an aggressive act designed to demonstrate to the world that it does not care for international law – nicely timed with the UN’s vain attempt to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions with the usual ineffective sanctions. This latest incident is just one of many that would certainly justify further action against Iran.

Rosie showed no concern for the well-being of the British sailors, and yet, on the same show, she proceeded to lament how the media gives little coverage to the soldiers killed in Iraq. These views seem to be contradictory – something that is typical of the left these days.

It would be nice if Rosie were to decry the horrors being committed by the extremists in Iraq in the name of Islam – that would be expecting too much. She gets too much of a kick from denigrating the brave men and women of America and the attempts by countries like the US and the UK to safeguard our way of life and to stand up to terror. The lack of media coverage regarding what these extremist groups (and the Iranian leadership) want to do to affect our lives is something that should be protested.

By the way, when one googles the Gulf of Tonkin incident, one is taken to a myriad of conspiracy sites, including Rosie’s own blog. Interestingly, Rosie’s site includes many references to 9/11 conspiracies and one of ther latest blogs refers to the “blowing up” of Building 7. Rosie lives in a world of conspiratorial propaganda whose only purpose seems to be to undermine the American government (and its allies). Worryingly, but unsurprisingly, her views go unchallenged on The View. It is bizarre that a person with her lifestyle chooses to support regimes and other groups (ie the enemies of USA) that are extremely intolerant of such a life.

 While Rosie is happy to criticize the efforts of the USA in Vietnam, she, like many of her conspiracy-fanatics, are unwilling to recognize the impact the American action had. By responding with such resolve for much of the Vietnam war, the US effectively dissuaded the Communists from trying more audacious takeovers in other countries around the world. Likewise the military successes in Afghanistan and in Iraq (as long as the will remains strong) encourage the oppressed and give freedom a chance in a region so long bereft of hope.

One question remains. Should Iran get a nuclear weapon, whose side will Rosie be on? No doubt, the US will continue to shoulder the blame in her eyes. The US will also continue to protect her.


4 Responses to “Rosie’s War Against America”

  1. mpinkeyes Says:

    Another great post. People like Rosie and Sean Penn are more concerned about America’s worldwide image, than our nation’s defense. What you said about her lifestyle and the intolerance of it from that part of the world is so true. It is her type of lifestyle and other morally corrupt lifestyles(in their minds) that make them want to destroy us in the first place.

  2. Michael Luczyk Says:

    God Bless Rosie,

    She is a true patriot for questioning this administration that many don’t have the gusto or will or knoweldge that they still can do. The US has NO business in Iraq other than oil. The only terror that the US is facing is from the CIA. Let’s not forget that people are dying for an injust military occupation at the hands of a dictator-like president that has no repect for the constitution.

    More of us should have the courage of Rosie O’donnell

    Michael Luczyk
    Cincinnati OH

  3. Michael Luczyk Says:

    Oh and don’t cloud the issue, the Bush administration would never go to war with IRAN so it can liberate the gay community. Don’t act like they would give rights to gays in the US, like gay marriage, since this country is so free and they believe in such equality

  4. Rosie O'Donnell Spits Out Pacifier « Libertas01 Says:

    […] See also Rosie’s War Against America […]

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