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Wakey, Wakey!

September 21, 2012

Four years…

Four years ago, the American people were pondering whether to give their vote to a principled, Vietnam veteran, a man who put his country first or an inexperienced community organizer.

We all know how America voted in November 2012… John McCain and America lost. America and the Western world have been paying the price ever since. The incredibly disturbing events of the past week or so have moved me to fire off a few posts again in the hope that Americans do not make the same mistake again. A strong leader is required… Someone who will not let radicals get away with murder and someone who will resuscitate America’s economy.

John McCain was a good man who played by the rules of bygone politics… “Keeping it clean.” In doing so, he let Obama off the hook on numerous key issues: Obama was not vetted by the media as a result.

Mitt Romney must increase the pressure on Obama and force the issues that matter into the public eye. It will be no easy task as most of the media are batting for Obama.

McCain: Historic Postponement… Country First

September 24, 2008

John McCain puts the health of the American economy at the top of his agenda ratherthan selfishly thinking of his own Presidential campaign… The debate on Friday will be about foreign policy, McCain’s strength and the Democratic Party’s nightmare, and yet the Senator is prepared to put everything on hold to try to battle the economic slowdown.

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McCain Remains Only Hope For Victory

January 16, 2008

The Republican race is wide open according to many in the mainstream media. When one looks at the national polls, however, it is clear that there is one candidate ahead of all Republican candidates and one candidate who can beat any of the Democratic candidates head-to-head.

Who is the candidate? John McCain. Despite media hopes that his campaign would collapse, McCain’s guts have seen him hold on and remain a frontrunner. At the moment local politics (economic recession in Michigan) are clouding voters’ judgement. What is at stake here is more significant that individual States’ concerns. Those voters in Michigan who think that Romney would prioritise their needs should his farytale ever come true are seriously misguided.

Voters in these primaries should be concerned with America’s future first and foremost. If the country is safe and in good hands, then individual states can prosper. If the Islamic extremists gain the upper hand and sense weakness in the White House, and if the rest of the world loses respect for American strength, individual states will suffer.

All voters in South Carolina must be urged to vote for national and international reasons and not local politics. The next leader of the Free World will come from this batch of candidates.

John McCain is the only candidiate suitably qualified to lead the Free World in the fight against radical Islam, to protect America’s interests, and to look after the interests of the people. He has always acted for the good of his country. Personal profit is not a factor. His country’s prosperity remains his priority.

Bush-Bashers Belt Up!

May 24, 2007

Every day the mainstream media has to find something about which to criticize President Bush. On Tuesday, Bush was seen driving his truck on his ranch without a seatbelt on. Big news!

In most countries around the world, this ‘incident’ would not have been reported. It might have earned a mention in a Letter to the Editor of a small town newspaper from a bitter old man with nothing better to do than write letters of complaint. Not in America. The “Seatbelt Incident” was an issue on CNN’s Anderson Copper 360. They casually mentioned that since Bush was on private land, he was not committing an offence but that “it doesn’t look good.”

Let’s worry about more pressing matters… such as the Democrats and their Iraq war surrender/defunding turmoil. Bush may have not had a seatbelt but the Democrats do not appear to have a driver who knows the directions right now. Now, that is newsworthy.

US Immigration Bill and McCain

May 18, 2007

John McCain took some heat in the recent Fox News Republican Candidates’ debate for his views on immigration and his support for a bipartisan deal that would lead to the opportunity for the 12 million or so illegal immigrant workers in the US to apply to stay legally and eventually to obtain permanent residency status. The deal between the White House and the Senate to create an Immigration Bill dealing positively with the illegals is a vindication for McCain’s efforts and views on the matter.

McCain maintains that border security is an issue of the highest priority but is realistic when supporting the proposal for the fate of the millions of illegal aliens currently residing/working in the US. Some of the candidates are clearly against the so-called ‘amnesty’ (which is ridiculous considering the amount of time involved in obtaining the permanent status – anything up to 13 years) and yet have no answer when it comes to dealing with the 12 million illegals – deporting 12 million is not feasible.

The Bill will hopefully be passed and then a new chapter in America’s immigrant history can begin.

Moving house = Lack of Posts

May 3, 2007

The lack of posts has been due to a rather hectic schedule of late, principally brought about by moving house and the clearing out/packing/moving/decorating etc that accompany such an event.

Hopefully, over the coming weeks a little more regularity will be established. The Presidential campaigns for 2008 starting so early have not helped matters.

Thank you for your patience.