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McCain’s Principled Stand For Democracy Leads to Endorsement By Kasparov

March 7, 2008

John McCain heavily criticized the farcical ‘elections’ in Russia this week, while his Democrat opponents, Clinton and Obama, only felt disappointment at the vote because it was not fully fair in their opinion. How spineless of the Democrats!

Obama has openly admitted he wants Americans to be able to travel the world and state with pride that they are American. Most Americans living outside of the liberal bubble do feel proud to be American even if there are some countries around the world where the US has a ‘bad’ reputation. Obama wants everybody to love America. How will he achieve this? He will wave the white flag of surrender in the war on terror, he will only express disappointment when democracy is savagely violated by aggressive dictators, he will have tea with the enemies of freedom, and he will put at risk everything America and its allies have fought so hard for since the Second World War.

I have news for Obama, Clinton and the rest of those people living in the bubble… mere popularity is not an ideal towards which any great and noble country should strive. Great leaders make difficult decisions based on guiding principles and beneficial outcomes – they do not change opinions with the winds of popularity nor do they follow the whims of the voters. The Presidency, or the leadership of any influential country, is not part of some American Idol-style competition where one has to choose a popular song/message in order to be a successful leader. Who cares if Americans are not popular in some parts of the world right now because of their noble stand in the war on terror? Do most Americans? I doubt it. Americans (and its allies, eg the Brits) are not popular with those who cannot see the long-term consequences of inaction – we can be proud of the fact that we are trying to protect the future for generations to come.

John McCain understands that fact. He has no qualms about criticizing Putin and wiould never retreat in any situation just to appease those Europeans who are anti-American. Freedom is much more important than being liked by everybody. Obama probably strived to be a ‘popular’ at school. You know the type of person I’m referring to… the person who never criticized anybody, who always agreed with whatever was the opinion à la mode, and who invited everyone to his birthday party.

In world terms, Obama’s attempts to appease all and to ‘make’ Americans popular would besmirch the country’s noble history and go some way towards turning it into a giant Switzerland. We know how tarnished the Swiss nation is as a result of its attempts to be popular with all sides in WW2.

Garry Kasparov represents the real world that Obama and the Democrats seem to ignore. He is courageously fighting tyranny and wanting assurances from the Presidential candidates that they will support the Russian people in their efforts to head back towards democracy. He stated in the Wall Street Journal …

“John McCain has been outspoken on behalf of democratic rights abroad, including Russia. Regardless of the doubts about Mr. McCain’s conservative credentials at home, the thought of him in the White House strikes fear into authoritarian leaders everywhere.”

Kasparov cannot repeat this belief for the Democratic candidates, fearing instead that, “The Russian ruling elite is rooting for Hillary Clinton,” while Obama is “largely, an unknown quantity.”

Kasparov knows the game is at a dangerous point. If America elected Clinton or Obama, the risk is that they would be mere pawns in Putin’s gambit to hold onto power and remove any chance for freedom for the Russian people. McCain, on the other hand, would battle for control of the board and in doing so would provide Kasparov with the opportunity of helping Russian democracy back on its feet – it would be Kasparov’s greatest move.

Who Wants to be a Rock Star? Obama!

February 21, 2007

For some weeks now, Barack Obama has been described by the media as the “rock star” candidate for the Democratic Party.  One would imagine that this is a label from which any self-respecting politician and potential President of the United States would want to distance himself.  Apparently not.  Almost every Democratic strategist appearing on cable news shows seem to overflow with pride as they gush that Obama is the “rock star” of the Democratic Party.

To which section of the voters do they think this term appeals?  Probably the “Rock the Vote” demographic that catastrophically failed to materialize last time round and that left many in the Democratic Party feeling rather humbled.

Obama appears to believe the hype, as can be seen from his fundraising attempts in Hollywood.,2933,253124,00.html

That Obama will be well-received in Hollywood comes as little surprise considering how out of touch the actors are with the ‘real world.’  Undoubtedly, he will receive many standing ovations for uttering the usual anti-Bush, anti-war, ‘wave the white flag and retreat’ rhetoric.  He needs to be careful with these lines of thought.

The American people are currently making their frustrations about the war in Iraq known through the very discouraging opinion polls.  However, reality might begin to set in, when visions of the terrorists celebrating America’s (and the Coalition’s ) capitulation and defeat (for that is what the Democrats and their friends in Hollywood seem to want) play over in their minds.

Rock stars can make flippant decisions without too much consideration and can spout their views with limited consequences.  An American politician cannot.  Particularly a politician who would be President.  Australia’s PM, John Howard, pointed out the glaringly obvious flaws in Obama’s Iraq countdown to surrender policy:

“I think that will just encourage those who want to completely destabilize and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for an Obama victory,” Howard said on Nine Network television.

“If I were running Al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory, not only for Obama but also for the Democrats.”  

The position of President of the United States during a time of war cannot be filled by a candidate who revels in “rock star” qualities.  That mistake was made before with Bill Clinton and we are all aware of the consequences. 

When the American voters realize the future of the American way of life is on the line, they will not waste their votes on a rock star.  Maybe Obama should reconsider his career choice.  Is it too late for him to enter this year’s American Idol?  Seeing how rattled he was by Howard’s remarks, it seems unlikely he would survive long with Simon Cowell.