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Romney Lies

January 16, 2008

An interesting article highlighting Mitt Romney’s willingness to do anything to get votes, including flipflop and deceive.

McCain Remains Only Hope For Victory

January 16, 2008

The Republican race is wide open according to many in the mainstream media. When one looks at the national polls, however, it is clear that there is one candidate ahead of all Republican candidates and one candidate who can beat any of the Democratic candidates head-to-head.

Who is the candidate? John McCain. Despite media hopes that his campaign would collapse, McCain’s guts have seen him hold on and remain a frontrunner. At the moment local politics (economic recession in Michigan) are clouding voters’ judgement. What is at stake here is more significant that individual States’ concerns. Those voters in Michigan who think that Romney would prioritise their needs should his farytale ever come true are seriously misguided.

Voters in these primaries should be concerned with America’s future first and foremost. If the country is safe and in good hands, then individual states can prosper. If the Islamic extremists gain the upper hand and sense weakness in the White House, and if the rest of the world loses respect for American strength, individual states will suffer.

All voters in South Carolina must be urged to vote for national and international reasons and not local politics. The next leader of the Free World will come from this batch of candidates.

John McCain is the only candidiate suitably qualified to lead the Free World in the fight against radical Islam, to protect America’s interests, and to look after the interests of the people. He has always acted for the good of his country. Personal profit is not a factor. His country’s prosperity remains his priority.

Hannity’s (not so) Hidden Agenda

January 16, 2008

Following Mitt Romney’s expected victory in Michigan tonight, one had the equally expected ecstatic response from Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Hannity’s dislike for McCain knows no bounds. McCain’s New Hampshire victory was greeted with disdain as Hannity proceeded to belittle it by writing it off as a unique state that only went to the Arizona Senator owing to the Independent votes – conveniently ignoring the fact that the MAJORITY of Republicans voted for McCain.

Hannity should be careful what he wishes for. John McCain is the only candidate able to appeal across party lines – this will be vital against Clinton or Obama. Romney will flounder against either of these Democratic candidates – he is a businessman not a potential Commander-in-Chief.

If Romney wins the nomination, the Republicans can kiss goodbye to the White House. Does Hannity want a Democratic White House? If he does not, he should stop backing the candidate whose main policies seem to involve lining the pockets of big business and whose other opinions appear to have changed with the winds of public opinion.

Romney’s flipflopping reminds one of another famous flipflopper from 2004…

We all know how that story finished.

Fred Thompson’s Presidential Plans Are Out of Order!

March 13, 2007

Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee Senator, has made it known that he is considering joining the field of Republican candidates for the Presidency in 2008 (Fox News). The Law and Order actor claimed that it was not “a reflection on the current field” but when one considers his political views and those of the Big Three (McCain, Giuliani, and Romney), it clearly is.

A Voice of Reason has gone so far as to state that he believes Thompson would be a formidable opponent to any Republican candidate. When one looks at Thompson’s voting record and his stance on the key issues, this would seem to be a fair statement.

My concern would be the fact that his views would polarize the nation, were he to be chosen as the Republican candidate. His consistent views on immigration, gun control and abortion undoubtedly make him an appealing candidate to the right flank of the Republican Party. However, he runs the risk of alienating the crucial ‘middleground’ of centrist Republican/Democrats and the independent/undecided voters.

If Thompson decides to chance his arm, it will, as A Voice of Reason suggests, have a tremendous impact on the field of candidates. I believe he will take the competition to a higher level – this will benefit the Republican Party as all candidates will have to raise their game.

At the same time, it will be a mistake if Republicans choose Thompson as their candidate. He might be viewed by many of the electorate as too detached from the world of politics (alternatively, many might see this as an advantage). Does he really have the stature to succeed against a big-name Democrat? At the moment, only McCain and Giuliani seem to be up to par on that point.