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The Falklands Conflict

April 3, 2007

Twenty-five years ago, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. The UK, led by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, responded by sending a Task Force 8,000 miles to recover its territory. One of the main guiding principles was that of freedom. The right of the Falkland Islanders to be British and enjoy the liberties associated with that.

The military operation was against the advice of many of Mrs Thatcher’s (now Lady Thatcher) advisor’s. Fortunately, the Iron Lady’s resolve was firm and the hostile actions of Argentina’s military dictatorship were punished.

This week, the UK has expressed regret over the Conflict. This seems to have been interpreted by Argentina as a sign of weakness, since the vice-President, Danile Scioli, has renewed claims to the island. Furthermore, Argentina has broken up a joint venture with the UK to search for oil and gas. Some people/countries never learn.

The strength the UK demonstrated in 1982 is sorely needed today in the current dispute with Iran. So far, Iran has achieved its goal of appearing to stand up to a world power and get away scot-free. More significantly, the 15 sailors are still captive at this time.

It is interesting to look at the BBC Have Your Say pages where readers can express their opinions on issues. The majority of opinions published regarding the war in Iraq are very much against the US/UK actions in that country. However, the incident with Iran has prompted a clear majority of British contributors to speak out in favour of a strong military response.

It is disappointing that many people do not seem to see the connection between Iraq, Iran, extremism, and terrorism. Freedom is being threatened. If and when the 15 sailors are released, the threat to world peace will continue to exist in the form of the Iranian leadership. Will those British citizens, who want action for the sake of 15 sailors, continue to press for action for the sake of stability in the region, freedom from oppression for millions, and the safeguarding of our way of life?

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