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McCain’s Principled Stand For Democracy Leads to Endorsement By Kasparov

March 7, 2008

John McCain heavily criticized the farcical ‘elections’ in Russia this week, while his Democrat opponents, Clinton and Obama, only felt disappointment at the vote because it was not fully fair in their opinion. How spineless of the Democrats!

Obama has openly admitted he wants Americans to be able to travel the world and state with pride that they are American. Most Americans living outside of the liberal bubble do feel proud to be American even if there are some countries around the world where the US has a ‘bad’ reputation. Obama wants everybody to love America. How will he achieve this? He will wave the white flag of surrender in the war on terror, he will only express disappointment when democracy is savagely violated by aggressive dictators, he will have tea with the enemies of freedom, and he will put at risk everything America and its allies have fought so hard for since the Second World War.

I have news for Obama, Clinton and the rest of those people living in the bubble… mere popularity is not an ideal towards which any great and noble country should strive. Great leaders make difficult decisions based on guiding principles and beneficial outcomes – they do not change opinions with the winds of popularity nor do they follow the whims of the voters. The Presidency, or the leadership of any influential country, is not part of some American Idol-style competition where one has to choose a popular song/message in order to be a successful leader. Who cares if Americans are not popular in some parts of the world right now because of their noble stand in the war on terror? Do most Americans? I doubt it. Americans (and its allies, eg the Brits) are not popular with those who cannot see the long-term consequences of inaction – we can be proud of the fact that we are trying to protect the future for generations to come.

John McCain understands that fact. He has no qualms about criticizing Putin and wiould never retreat in any situation just to appease those Europeans who are anti-American. Freedom is much more important than being liked by everybody. Obama probably strived to be a ‘popular’ at school. You know the type of person I’m referring to… the person who never criticized anybody, who always agreed with whatever was the opinion à la mode, and who invited everyone to his birthday party.

In world terms, Obama’s attempts to appease all and to ‘make’ Americans popular would besmirch the country’s noble history and go some way towards turning it into a giant Switzerland. We know how tarnished the Swiss nation is as a result of its attempts to be popular with all sides in WW2.

Garry Kasparov represents the real world that Obama and the Democrats seem to ignore. He is courageously fighting tyranny and wanting assurances from the Presidential candidates that they will support the Russian people in their efforts to head back towards democracy. He stated in the Wall Street Journal …

“John McCain has been outspoken on behalf of democratic rights abroad, including Russia. Regardless of the doubts about Mr. McCain’s conservative credentials at home, the thought of him in the White House strikes fear into authoritarian leaders everywhere.”

Kasparov cannot repeat this belief for the Democratic candidates, fearing instead that, “The Russian ruling elite is rooting for Hillary Clinton,” while Obama is “largely, an unknown quantity.”

Kasparov knows the game is at a dangerous point. If America elected Clinton or Obama, the risk is that they would be mere pawns in Putin’s gambit to hold onto power and remove any chance for freedom for the Russian people. McCain, on the other hand, would battle for control of the board and in doing so would provide Kasparov with the opportunity of helping Russian democracy back on its feet – it would be Kasparov’s greatest move.

McCain’s Victory Over Extremism

March 7, 2008

John McCain’s decisive victory over the Mike Huckabee this week officially locked him into the position of Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Predictably, many traditional, aka extremist, Republicans continued to warble on about their concerns over McCain’s more compassionate brand of conservatism. Equally as predictable has been the way in which certain media personalities are now having to backtrack somewhat regarding their hostility to the Arizona Senator – prime example, Sean Hannity. 

Many of the radio talkshow hosts had put their eggs in Mitt Romney’s basket – demonstrating the kind of myopia of which they often accuse the bubble-dwelling liberals. Hannity and Limbaugh are the ones who have been living in a bubble during the Republican primaries. Their support for Romney only demonstrated how far out of touch they are with the ordinary Republican and independent voters. It is almost incredulous to think that pundits such as these honestly believed Romney had any chance of winning a general election; and yet, they persisted in criticizing McCain and tried, in vain, to paint a picture of him as not conservative enough.

These primaries have demonstrated who has their finger on the pulse of many Americans, Republican and independents alike. It is Senator McCain, who stuck to his guns when many were about to read the last rites to his flagging campaign last year. Hannity and Limbaugh are woefully out of touch with the real world, having spent too long listening to the few sycophants surrounding them who pander to their views and laugh at their feeble attempts at humour. Hannity is like a playground bully – his coverage of the primaries and his obvious disdain for McCain and Huckabee, as shown through his abusive comments, derogatory tone and blatent disregard of the facts (eg McCain’s very clear conservative record), further highlighted his ignorance and self-love. Like a bully, who has been outed, Hannity is now in a position of weakness. His confidence must be at an all-time low, since the voters did not listen to him but made it crystal clear that his influence is on the wane.

The important question many Republicans (et al.) have to ask themselves is why so many ‘important’ Republican figures were prepared to lose the White House rather than have a candidate who did not espouse all of their views. It was almost inevitable that Romney would have lost in a battle against either Democratic candidate. Romney was not even a true conservative onmost issues until very recently (rather conveniently).

Old school Republicans have to face up to the facts. The political world is always changing – extreme right-wing views on every issue will not be popular with the majority of voters, nor the majority of Republicans. McCain’s brand of conservatism is the new Republican party which will triumph in the general election if Clinton or Obama continue to march to the beat of the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party.

Tony Blair reinvented the Labour Party in the UK, my native land, and they have dominated the political landscape for over a decade. the Republican party has to appeal to more moderate voters if it is to hold on to the Oval office. John McCain has always been the most obvious candidate to appeal to a wide range of voters.

Thank goodness the voters in the Republican party primaries made the right decision in choosing McCain. He is the right choice for a party hoping to win the election; he is the right choice for America, a nation needing courage, integrity, and grit in its next leader; he is the right choice for the leader of the free world, where democracy is facing increasingly grave threats.

Congratulations, John McCain for proving the doubters wrong and for giving hope to those of us who are not American citizens that the US will elect a President in November who will continue to fight for freedom around the world.

Blair Firm On Terror Until The End

May 27, 2007

It is being reported that outgoing UK PM Tony Blair is keen on providing police and authorities ‘wartime’ powers in the ongoing battle against terrorism. CNN reports that several men wanted in connection with planned attacks on UK and US forces had escaped the necessary interrogation owing to limitations in the law with regard to the length of time suspects could be held.

Tony Blair recognizes that the War on Terror is a ‘real’ war and that UK security forces need s[ecial powers if further terrorist atrocities are to be averted.

Hitchens Nails Carter

May 22, 2007

“Mr. Carter quite simply abdicated the whole responsibility of the presidency while in office. He left the nation at the mercy of its enemies at home and abroad. He was the worst president we ever had.”

Christopher Hitchens slides this perfect quotation from Sen. Eugene McCarthy about Jimmy Carter into his latest posting on He then continues in his customary manner to strip Carter of any honour he claims to possess. It is an excellent read and the perfect antidote to the perpetual stream of anti-Bush, anti-Blair, anti-war, and anti-democracy coverage found in the mainstream media.

While I recommend you read the entire article, I cannot help extracting another quotation – in defence of the unfairly maligned, Tony Blair.

“He [Carter] also went on the British Broadcasting Corporation to make spiteful and cheap remarks on the retirement of Prime Minister Tony Blair, calling him “loyal, blind, apparently subservient.” Yes, that’s right, Mr. Carter. Just the way to make friends and assert “America’s basic values.” Show us your peanut envy. Heap insults on a guest in Washington: a thrice-elected prime minister who was the first and strongest ally of the United States on the most awful day in its recent history. A man who was prepared to risk his own career to be counted as a friend. A man who was warning against the Taliban, against Slobodan Milosevic, and against Saddam Hussein when George Bush was only the governor of Texas.

Well said, Mr Hitchens.

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Blair – A Man of Honour

May 18, 2007

While many in the UK have been quick to criticize outgoing PM Tony Blair for taking the country into the Iraq war, many people outside the UK have held him in high esteem as one of the few truly great world leaders.

Eloquent and lucid, Blair rarely left questioners with any doubts about his views or his motives. He has a quality few politicians seem to possess – an ability to tackle the most awkward of questions posed by those out to trip him with consummate ease and confidence. Despite their close working relationship, this does not seem to have rubbed off on President Bush.

There are a large number of people, seemingly influenced by the mainstream media and the anti-war mob, who appear to believe that Blair’s legacy will be one of failure in Iraq and of being America’s little lapdog. How shortsighted these people are!

Blair has had a very clear, independent line of thought with regard to foreign policy for many years and certainly one which predates his relationship with President Bush. He has been motivated to bring about change in the world particularly where oppression is rife through direct intervention. He has had the courage to use military intervention where necessary with some success.

Tony Blair has had the foresight to realize that there is a threat to the free world from extremist Muslims and has not been afraid to act upon this threat. 9/11 was an obvious example of the danger facing the democratic countries and it was not hard for Blair to suport the US in this time of crisis. Blair, however, saw (and still sees) the bigger picture; thus, he remained loyal to the US in its ongoing war on terror unlike many other countries (eg Spain, which caved in to the Al Qaeda threats).

Britain should stand shoulder to shoulder with America after September the 11th. I have never deviated from that view, I do not regret that view,” said Blair at this week’s sunnit with President Bush. Blair’s loyalty is inspiring and sends a shiver down one’s spine at a time when many of the candidates in the race to be the next President are running for the hills and ready to wave the white flag of surrender to the terrorists – John McCain being the main exception to this in that he is committed to continuing the fight against extremists in Iraq and beyond.

Blair has no regrets when he considers the reasons for remaining America’s most loyal and trusted ally. He has acted in the interests of his country and the rest of the world and so cannot logically cannot have regrets. His statement that he would do the same again must really grate with the anti-war/anti-UK/anti-America rabble, while at the same time continue to offer hope to those of us who believe that the world must continue to stand up in the face of terror and defend its freedom against those who wish to dominate through oppression and devastation.

Let us hope Gordon Brown is big enough to fill Blair’s shoes and to value the future of the West above his own career. Blair and Bush have been examples of politicians not afraid to go against public opinion for the greater good. The world needs more leaders like them. This is contrary to what the mainstream media and many would have you believe, but, then again, these naysayers are the type of people who would have surrendered to Hitler following the debacle at Dunkirk, or countless other ‘negative’ moments during WWII.

Great leaders are not necessarily the most popular leaders during their time at the top. They often become popular as the historians and the population, in general, judge them in hindsight. Blair will be seen as one of the truly great Prime Ministers of the UK and leaders of the world. Who knows, he may even continue to wield great influence in his efforts as an ex-PM around the globe.

The world should be thankful that he enabled the US to take on the threat of the Islamic extremists with its historic ally standing firm alongside, while most of the rest of the major democratic countries stood back and shirked their responsibility.