McCain Holding Back; Obama Hanging on

The first Presidential Debate, which took place last night in Mississippi, offered no real surprises. John McCain gave solid answers to everything thrown at him and did not seem to perturbed by any particular issue. This should be expected. After all, he has been following his principles for years and he can draw upon genuine experience. Barack Obama, well-known for his speeches but not so renowned for his debating skills (Hillary Clinton generally out-debated him during the primaries), deflected most questions well without having to commit himself to any particular view point that might cause problems later. He was slick and well-practised but not terribly authentic.

Report Card: McCain put in a fair performance but needs to up the ante in future debates. Obama knew his answers but did not connect with the people. Both can do better.

CNN: Report Cards


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One Response to “McCain Holding Back; Obama Hanging on”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I thought Sen. McCain did well but could have done better. Sen. Obama is out of his teleprompter element & stammered & stuttered quite a few times. He seemed to lose his focus on a few occasions. What riles me is the way the democrats including Obama are still trying to pin the eonomic crisis on the Bush administration when the blame lies right at their doorstep. Bill Clinton passed a bill in l999 that made this present mess inevitable. Pres. Bush & Sen. McCain warned repeatedly that this would happen. The left can only pass the buck & lie their butts off as usual.

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