McCain Leads and Puts America First… Postpone The Debate!

Senator John McCain takes the leadership role once again, as he calls for Friday’s Presidential debate to be postponed in order that he might take a more active role in thrashing out a deal that could potentially put the brakes on the economic downturn. 

The $700 billion bailout is controversial and requires bipartisan agreement. John McCain is the man to unite the parties and encourage the politicians to be prepared to compromise, if necessary, in order to salvage the economy.

John McCain puts his country first once again. He has made a clear decision that is risky; it might detrimentally affect his campaign. For McCain, the future of America and the plight of every American is far more important right now that his efforts to be President. This is a clear example of the leadership and principled outlook that America and the world needs.


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2 Responses to “McCain Leads and Puts America First… Postpone The Debate!”

  1. dayooch Says:

    You really think that the timing of this is just a little fishy? I think this was just a stunt to slow the bleeding that McCain’s camp is feeling from recent poll data.

    If you can’t take 2 hours for a debate and say that you’re going to Washington, seems like he’s not ready to debate.

  2. Danny Says:

    Dude, every coach knows this trick. When your opponent is picking up momentum (as Obama is), you call for a timeout to throw off his game and cool him down. Give me a break.

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