McCain: Historic Postponement… Country First

John McCain puts the health of the American economy at the top of his agenda ratherthan selfishly thinking of his own Presidential campaign… The debate on Friday will be about foreign policy, McCain’s strength and the Democratic Party’s nightmare, and yet the Senator is prepared to put everything on hold to try to battle the economic slowdown.

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34 Responses to “McCain: Historic Postponement… Country First”

  1. averageuscitizen Says:

    For a man who thinks that Washington is the problem and in Reagan’s infamous 9 most dangerous words in the english language “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”, McCain sure is eager to get back there to “help” us.

    As Barack Obama aptly put it “a President is required to handle multiple things at once, I think that we continue as planned”.

  2. Harold Says:

    Balderdash. The man is running from a debate he’ll lose while he’s slipping away in the polls. If he can’t multitask, he shouldn’t be President.

    Now more than ever we need to hear what people have to say. We’ve endured 8 hellish years of “dissent is treason.” Step into the ring McCain or get out of the race.

  3. janna Says:

    That’s what I call a true leader, unlike Obama that only thinks about himself and his career. This is a critical time and both D and R should come together to help with this issue, but Obama does not want to, that shows how much he cares about the country

  4. Wendy Crim Says:

    Are you kidding? Foreign Policy a democrats nightmare? Because the republicans have done such a GREAT freaking job with it the past 8 years!?! McCain’t has openly said extremely racists things about the vietnamese, and Palin …well…I’m not sure she evn knows how to tie shoes. This is a horrible stunt. The two McCain advisors that got rich off of the disastarous policies by lobbying for the banking and housing industries, tht helped lead to all of this, Phil Gramm and Rick Davies, are hiding along with McShame. He is a COWARD! And a greedy one at that. But, those words have become synonomous with “republican”. Fall hard, McCain’t. You will not be missed. We all now know, that you know, you are not smart enough to even be in the same room as Obama. A good leader should be able to handle more than one thing at a time, bc guess what, there will always be something else going on at the time of a “crisis”. But, republicans know that since they are responsible for most of the “crisis” that happen. If anyone STILL thinks McCain is a good choice, they need to see a doctor!

  5. Berlet98 Says:

    This is McCain’s chance to test Obama’s anger mismanagement!


    Mo Rocca’s suggestion here is really directed at both Obama and McCain, some non-partisan advice on getting real:×1210278745×1200562138.

    Basically, he’s saying that Americans don’t want a wimp as president, that, especially today, we not only want but we need a president who shows some emotion, some anger, when it’s called for.

    This is not to say that he, or she, should flip out, turn purple, jump up and down in a debate but we do want/need someone who will do a Megyn Kelly and, figuratively, grab his opponent by the scruff of the neck and say, “Now, listen, this is the way that it is, twerp, and don’t try to feed me that bs!”

    Okay, more civil expressions may be substituted for “twerp” and “bs” but the point Rocca is making is that in a debate as well as in a sitdown with a foreign leader over a momentous issue, Americans have proven they don’t want a helmet-headed Dukakis who will sluff off the rape of his wife as if it were tantamount to losing your house keys.

    Rocca’s article, titled, “Obama’s Anger Problem,” also points out… (Read the rest of this article at

  6. tkforchange Says:

    Obama repeatedly stressed at his news conference that he called McCain first to propose that they issue a joint statement in support of a package to help fix the economy as soon as possible. He said McCain called back several hours later, as Obama was leaving a rally in Florida, and agreed to the idea of a statement but also said he wanted to postpone the debate and hold joint meetings in Washington.

    Obama said he suggested they first issue a joint statement showing bipartisanship.

    “When I got back to the hotel, he had gone on television to announce what he was going to do,” Obama said.


  7. Kimberly Says:

    It amazes me the dramatic high school crap that you want grown adults to believe. McCain doesn’t even understand the economy, how is his dramatics going to help the process. I am 45 year old woman with an MBA and am currently unemployed because of off-shoring. I don’t think “Sarah” needs to be protected like a child – believe me corporate America doesn’t care if you are a woman or not and that is the way it should be. Now I have to sit and listen to McCain play another new card today. Buffett infused money into the market yesterday to calm it, now McCain jumps up (1 and 1/2 weeks late) and raises his hand to help. He needs to sit down, think and help calm the market, not pay high school drama games.

  8. Isabelle Says:

    McCain had time to go and chit chat about backyard BBQs on Rachel Ray earlier this week, but suddenly decides he needs to go back to Wachington to attend to more serious business when the polls show he is slipping in VA and toss-up states.

    What a Drama King worthy or his Drama Queen Palin.

  9. Carlos azquez Says:

    What he did not do during the past eight years to improve the economy now wants to do it in a few days. Didn’t he say, he knows next nothing about the economy?
    I wonder how McCain is going to help, or what his plans are.
    oops!!! I think just McCain bailed himself out to avoid an important presidential debate.
    now McCain is gonna help those greedy CEOs to bail themselves out, remember McCain always supported government deregulations.
    Country first yeah right!!!!
    McCain=country club first, then McCain himself, then lobbysts, then his family, then a finaly the rest of us.

  10. Veronica G Says:

    Obamas official reaction by not meeting in Washington and do his senitoral duties is a big mistake. This was his moment to represent the small folks, and he stood us up for his foreign policy debate? What a moronic move on his behalf.

    He blew his chance to prove to me that he can work together and solve problems. We don’t need a debate we need to solve our crisis!!! McCain has been wanting a debate all year and now Obama wants during one in the worse weeks of American economic history
    What an idiot maroon!!!

    Shame on Harry Reid and Democrats to play dirty politics at this time!!!
    Congress is going nowhere fast!!! Get them out!!!!

  11. JimD Palatine Says:

    What was Booth’s reference about a tyrant? McCain is not even in office yet and he and his team need everything “arranged” to their demands. All I hear is what they want to change. This is how the VP debate will be. Now we will move it back further. Obama is an elitist, but McCain will ride in on his charger to save the day.

  12. Jon Says:

    Obama’s words – “It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to HEAR from the person who will be the next president.”

    This reveals something that is FOUNDATIONALLY wrong with Obama’s campaign. This is NOT the time for people to HEAR from anyone. This is not the time for making speeches. This is the time to take action.

    Not for campaign speeches. Let me ask “Senator” Obama a question – what exactly is he going to say on Friday that he hasn’t already said? Anything new? What does he expect McCain will say? McCain already said (FOUR or FIVE YEARS AGO) that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed regulation… and unfortunately the Congress did not heed his advice.

    Now there is a vote coming up, and action needs to be taken… active participation, mind you, not just voting “Present.”

    This is the fundamental difference between Obama’s campaign and McCain’s. Obama sure does love speeches… he sure does love him some photo ops.

    That is exactly the reason that those on the left simply cannot even come to grips with McCain (in good conscience, not a photo op) wanting to suspend his campaigning because of this economic crisis. They can’t see the sincerity of his actions, because it is not something they themselves would do.

    McCain has gone on record saying that he’d rather lose an election than have this country “lose a war.” Was he merely making a speech? No… here we have a situation that REQUIRES the attention of the Congress, that will impact every single American, and he is putting his campaign on hold, because what is more important?

    What is “Senator” Obama’s stance? I’m sure they’ll let me know IF they need me.

    I’m sorry.. who is the one who doesn’t get it!?

  13. Ray Willis Says:

    I am pleased to see that McCain considers it important to get the utterly disorganized political system on the Hill and in DC focused on solving the problem instead of shifting blame and complaining. It is called leadership. Now I understand his trade mark slogan better: Country First.

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Quit stalling, McPain and face your opponent NOW. I thought you were a war veteran. Stop hiding behind Palin’s skirt. She can’t help you because she, too, is running from the debate with Biden.

    Senator Obama, PLEASE do not agree with McPain to postpone the debate…I want to see them both eaten up alive by you and Senator Biden!

  15. Gina Says:

    This is another example of how Senator John McCain puts country first. All Obama cares about is winning the election at any cost. Obama neglected his duties as U.S. Senator before running for President, and especially after he began running for President. Keep America strong and safe … Elect McCain/Palin in November.

  16. David R Says:

    What, specifically, will McBush contribute to solving this crisis?

    Chances are more likely he, and his entourage, will just get in the way of negotiations that are well underway.

    What does he hope to achieve? Full credit for minimal participation?

    A week ago he was convinced that the economy was sound – now it is in a crisis that only he can solve and he has to suspend his campaign to do so.

    Is it possible that with his declining polls and worry about Obama, McBush needs to “appear” like a leader?

    This guy will try anything to win.


    Maybe it is time that the voters suspend McBush’s campaign permanently.

  17. Mike Says:

    McCain’s presence in Washington is not required in order for the President and Congress to do their jobs. This is just more of the same old showboating nonsense McCain seems to be so good at. If anybody believes that the debate should be cancelled just to accomodate McSame’s new found sense of duty they deserve all the shame and humiliation currently being dumped on them. When are the American people going to stop being idiots and start listening to what’s really going on. Obama has it right (again) this is all the more reason for the debates to go on, unless of course McBush is starting to “get it” and realizes how poorly he is doing. The real need of the American people is for us to reestablish true leadership and as always, McPain is sadly AWOL again.

  18. Jennifer Zajac Says:

    Hasn’t McCain had a lifetime in the Senate to work on the economy?? It’s too little – too late now….

  19. Ted Says:

    The date for this debate has been known to the public and therefor the candidates since Aug 21st. This is real life. The voters are lucky enought to see how well the candidates can handle multiple tasks, and if they are still strong enough to defend their positions in the process.

  20. jay Says:

    McCain is becoming increasingly confident with making hair-trigger decision making and living up to this silly maverick title. This kind of dramatic, dogmatic posturing and action for it’s own sake is the LAST thing America needs right now. This man is just not smart enough to be the president (and probably too inept to be a senator, too).

  21. Daniel Says:

    My vote goes to Obama. Obama’s plan provides jobs here at home, jobs that can’t be outsourced. He wants to rebuild our infrastructure and restore confidence in the American people for them to know that they will have food on the table the next day. This confidence level impacts the upper class – the people who providing consumerables to the consumers. WE, the Middle Class, run this country, not the upper class-the ones who caused this mess. They are pulling their money out and leaving this country heading to Beijing – where their new econimic base is. If you want to continue with the politics of the past, then I suggest you start learning Mandarin, and move there with your Economic leaders who are splitting for the hills with their money. The same phenomenn is happening in Russia. Real American heroes are going to take this country back with Obama’s leadership. Mccain followers will cower sheepishly, and go ask Bush, Brnancke, Paulson, etc. what happened. We know what happened, and it’s a problem that Bush has been sitting on since 2001. It’s only now poltically convenient for him to pull this as a political stunt to make Mccain look like he is a leader to provide the illusion that he knows what he is doing. This is BS. The Middle Class is much smarter, and will march Obama directly into the Whitehouse.

  22. SingleMomVoting! Says:

    Well I am a Democrat and I smell some serious BS. I am amazed at how obvious the contradiction is and leaning so far to the republican side my brother won’t even talk to me, lol.
    Obama says, and I quote CNN as well as this site, “Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time” he also says, “it’s unacceptable to expect the American people to “hand this administration or any administration a $700 billion check with no conditions and no oversight when a lack of oversight in Washington and on Wall Street is exactly what got us into this mess,” and yet he does not choose to go to Washington to “deal” with “this mess”, a nationwide financial crisis that could send this country into a depression. The John McCain I have watched my entire life has finally shown his face again. Just last night I was saying how sad it is that both candidates seem to care only about winning and not about America. Now I am seeing which candidate really gives a damn about the American people and which one just wants to make a good speech. Obama is making a mistake, this is an opportunity for him to show Americans how serious and “Presidential” he can be. No; Obama does not want to stop pushing his sales pitch because he knows that is all there is, sadly, this democrat is beginning to know it too.

  23. Fred Says:

    Obama in his press conference basically said “Call me if you need me.”
    Not a real good example of leadership in a crisis that affects the entire nation.
    I’m sure he hates not having the ability to vote “present” on this issue.

  24. Frank Says:

    McCain … Country first, McCain second
    Obama … Obama first, Country second

    McCain ….. taking action
    Obama …..lets talk about it

    McCain …. leader
    Obama …. wannabe

  25. Taylor Smith Says:

    Gina, this is an extremely important matter that the country is facing and will take everyone’s cooperation to handle as best possible, but both Senators Obama and McCain can return to Capitol Hill tomorrow and Friday and still conduct the debates on Friday night at 9 PM EST. Effective leaders need to be able to multi-task and with the Presidential election just over a month away, We, the People, need to have as much information that we can gather on both candidates as possible. They can both commit to doing everything they can to assist in the efforts for the financial bail out but they can also commence with the debates on 9/27 also!

  26. Larry Says:

    NO Bailout.

  27. raycar Says:

    These are Senators. They belong in Washington during a crisis. Regardless of the impact on the presidential race. Their job is to be in Congress not on the campaign trail or in a debate. This is the second time Obama has failed to return to Washington during a crisis. The first time was the Russia crisis when he stayed on vacation. You can all say what you want to satisfy your reasons to support one candidate or the other but the fact is they took an oath to serve the public and that service is as a Senator IN Washington not put something out on the internet and hold a press conference. Obama’s people are actually slamming a US Senator for doing the job he is being paid for while their man is a no show. By the way it doesn’t matter if they can contribute to the bail out or not their duty is to be in the halls of Congress not campaigning. Everyone bitches when they don’t do their job and apparently when they do. You cannot have it both ways. – raycar – San Jose, CA

  28. Kevin Cassidy Says:

    it is insanely inappropriate for McCain to “suspend” his campaign to go back to Washington and pretend he’s doing the economy any good
    all he stands to accomplish for “his country” is to further politicize the economic crisis

    if he was really about straight talk, he would be honest and admit that he’s not prepared for friday’s debate, and prefers not to work on weekends
    that, and he would let the press talk to Sarah Palin freely

    cheat cheat cheat – shame on you John McCain

  29. Chuck Says:

    I remember that we had to invade Iraq because of the stock piling of WMD’s.

    McCain is up to sumptin. He hasn’t been honest through this campain yet!

  30. Joel Says:

    All of the far right have the same responses and all of the far left have the same responses. I will give you my Independent view. McCain must be able to multitask as a president. He needs to give the American people his stance on foreign policy, where he believes we stand in the world, and where he plan to take us. Honestly, he has been avoiding the issues since day one, and I sort of see this as another cop-out. He may have his far right believers, but he is losing many independents and some not so loyal right wingers. The White House and Congress are working diligently and they will make something happen with or without these two. Their are far too many good people that will not allow Wall Street CEO’s to walk out unscathed while the taxpayers suffer. In other words–some of Bush’s buddies may have to pay for their greed. Let these two men debate.

  31. Bob Says:

    This goes to Windy,you talk about how Mccains advisers are lobbyist for banks and mortgage, but what about the democrats involved in Fannie Mae. You know the ones that made Millions. You know the ones on Obama’s staff. You know who was the number 2 guy on this run away gravy golden train??? Oh ya, OBAMA. Wow forgot about those stats huh. You have seen one to many commercials. Do your own research.

    Also be tourcered for years by people, and see if your a little racist towards their culture. GOD I HATE HYPOCRITES

    Be patriotic and pay more taxes, ha ha ha

  32. anonymous Says:

    Keep prepping for the Friday debate, Obama, instead of assisting the Senate with a national economic threat you indicate rivals the Depression. Is this the kind of leader we want? One who goes on vacation (Georgia crisis) or spends his time prepping for a debate (Friday night) during times of national crisis? Obama can’t multitask. If he could, he’d be in Washington now. Instead he can only handle one task at a time. Prepping for the debate is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue for Obama right now. Not our national welfare. Not my kind of President.

  33. David R Says:

    America’s 1st Reaction — Friday’s McCain-Obama Debate Should Still Be Held On Friday, But Perhaps with New Focus: Immediately after John McCain’s announcement at 3 pm ET today, Wednesday 09/24/08, that he was suspending his campaign and seeking to postpone Friday’s scheduled presidential debate, SurveyUSA interviewed 1,000 adults nationwide. Key findings:

    A majority of Americans say the debate should be held on Friday. Just 10% say the debate should be postponed. A sizable percentage of Americans, 36%, think the focus of the debate should be modified to focus more on the economy. 3 of 4 Americans say the presidential campaigns should continue. Just 14% say the presidential campaigns should be suspended. If Friday’s debate does not take place, 46% of Americans say that would be bad for America.

  34. Gina Says:

    In 2006, to avoid the melt down we’re experiencing today, the Republicans and Alan Greenspan wanted legislation for regulation and oversight regarding fannie Mae and Freddie Mac … but, the Democrats blocked it. The same Democrats, Pelosi and Reid, with the 15% favorability rating. Now, with the biggest bail out in history, Reid criticizes McCain for wanting to participate in the solution. And, if Obama gets elected, we could also face four years of a tax and spend White House and Congress … who will be responsible for oversight. It’s called having the foxes guarding the hen house … again.

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