American Women! This is your last chance…

Following John McCain’s inspired choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice-President, Thee women of America have one last chance in this election to make real history by electing a woman into the White House. The Democrats rejected the credentials of Hillary Clinton, a woman with a packed political resumé, in favour of the usual Washington insider and old boy, Joe Biden.

Barack Obama’s supporters have already dismissed Palin as unsuitable seeing as, in their words, she is only a ‘heartbeat away’ from being President, when McCain becomes President. Inadvertently, they are providing another reason for Hillary supporters to support McCain – Palin will be in an elected position as close to the Presidency as any female has ever been. The experience of being VP will certainly mean she will be a frontrunner for future campaigns.

America has the chance to elect a woman who could go all the way to the top, Thatcher-like, and, in doing so, transform American and world politics forever.

Great pick, McCain!


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2 Responses to “American Women! This is your last chance…”

  1. hydralisk Says:

    Is it too late for Obama to swap Biden for Pelosi? Then the Dems would have blackness and womanness nailed, whereas the Reps would still be lacking blackness. I hope they consider it because the issues facing the country–terrorism and whatnot–are far too important for us not to be mired in identity politics!

  2. John Says:

    Agreed, I do have some concern with McCain’s age and Palin’s limited foreign affairs experience. Can she step up in a pinch? Our safety at home is at least just as important as the gender/race of the person wechoose for persident. I’m sure she can, but she’ll have to convince some people before the election.

    By the way, check out the site “We Endorse McCain” at They have a cool idea to flood the net with McCain endorsement banners.

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