Obama’s Elitist Snobbery

While many had suspected for some time that Barack Obama looked down from on high upon the millions of Americans in middle America who might actually vote for him, it was only when he uttered those famous words about the typical white guy bitterly hanging on to his gun and finding solace in his religion that the nation woke up to who Obama really is. Obama is happy when ‘average’ Americans flock to his rallies, bleating like sheep his Bob the Builder mantra, “Yes, we can!” and viewing him as some kind of saviour – Obama will fix it… plays over in their minds. Clearly, he would be less happy actually conducting any kind of conversation with the same people on a personal level. Who knows, he might catch something.

This eilitism is not new in liberal politics as Jeff Greenfield points out at Slate.com…

Elitism has bedeviled American liberalism for the better part of four decades. It undermined the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry, and now it’s making mischief in the Obama campaign every bit as much as the omnipresence of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.       (Obama and Orwell, What The Master Brit Can teach Democrats About Elistism, May 1 2008)

It is an interesting article and one I recommend to people of all political persuasions. I particularly enjoyed the references to Orwell, as The Road To Wigan Pier is a firm favourite of mine, offering insight into the lives of the working man, the English public (ie private) schoolboy, and the homeless, among others, with wit and a sharp eye. The book is available online – I challenge you to read the first page or so of chapter one and not be intrigued enough to read on. I look forward to your take on this work…


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