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McCain – Man of Compassion and Integrity

April 14, 2008

John McCain’s popularity across party lines has as much to do with his character as with his political views. The recent article, The Great John McCain Story You’ve Probably Forgotten by Michael Lewis at, is a reminder of McCain’s genuine compassion for his fellow man regardless of party line.

Obama Not Fit To Be King – nor President…

April 14, 2008

Once again, I find myself drawn to the writings of Christopher Hitchens in an attempt to peer through smokescreen surrounding Barack Obama. The mainstream media seem to make little attempt to put Obama under the same kind of scrutiny as Hillary Clinton and John McCain. In fact, one could argue the media have had their own dry ice machines on at maximum output any time a controversy threatens to take Obama down a peg or two.

Hitchens’ essay, Obama Is No King, tackles the somewhat controversial theme of the legacy of Martin Luther King – more particularly, the fact that many of the black leaders seem to have ‘forgotten’ the work he did and the direction in which he was heading. Obama is one of these apparently oblivious leaders – Hitchens argues that, owing to his close relations with extremists like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, Obama is espousing the principles of hatred and exclusion (the anti-semitism, anti-homosexuality, anti-white sentiments of Wright and Farrakhan are clearly at odds with the dreams of King.

I would suggest anybody interested in the Presidential race would find the article of interest and I would urge anybody considering voting for Obama to consider the points made. It is time for the ‘flock’ to open their eyes. 

“In April 2004, Barack Obama told a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Timesthat he had three spiritual mentors or counselors: Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, and Father Michael Pfleger—for a change of pace, a white Catholic preacher who has a close personal feeling for the man he calls (as does Obama) Minister Farrakhan. This crossover stuff is not as “inclusive” as it might be made to seem: Meeks’ main political connections in the white community are with the hysterically anti-homosexual wing of the Christian right. If Obama were to be read a list of the positions that his clerical supporters take on everything from Judaism to sodomy, he would be in the smooth and silky business of “distancing” from now until November.” (Christopher Hitchens, Fighting Words at

Hitchens sums up Obama in relation to King succinctly, somewhat controversially, and as frankly as always in his closing lines…

So amnesiac have we become, indeed, that we fall into paroxysms of adulation for a ward-heeling Chicago politician who does not complete, let alone “transcend,” the work of Dr. King; who hasn’t even caught up to where we were four decades ago; and who, by his chosen associations, negates and profanes the legacy that was left to all of us.” (Christopher Hitchens, Fighting Words at

Veterans For McCain

April 14, 2008

Despite the mainstream media’s attempts at painting a different picture, Mccain’s support among veterans remains strong.

The following site has some useful links and information about why veterans are backing McCain to be the next Commander-in-Chief… Mad Irish Man…

Obama’s Foolish Faith

April 8, 2008

Christopher Hitchens, in his Fighting Words column at (see link below), has recently turned his attention to Barack Obama demonstrating a skill all too rare in today’s media: the skill of taking down the smoke and mirrors trickery of Barack Obama. Hitchens is always worth reading, but his essay on Obama’s relationship with religious bigot, Jeremiah Wright, is simply an essential read to anyone who claims to be interested in American politics.

Obama’s crowd of followers blinded by his light should note…

“To have accepted Obama’s smooth apologetics is to have […] put that quite sober and realistic hope, meanwhile, into untrustworthy and unscrupulous hands. And it is to have done this, furthermore, in the service of blind faith. Mark my words: This disappointment is only the first of many that are still to come.”

Amusing and disturbing…

“You often hear it said, of some political or other opportunist, that he would sell his own grandmother if it would suit his interests. But you seldom, if ever, see this notorious transaction actually being performed, which is why I am slightly surprised that Obama got away with it so easily. (Yet why do I say I am surprised? He still gets away with absolutely everything.)”

Christopher Hitchens sums up perfectly the folly of many in the media and in the Barack Obama fan club. They are trusting are man who is blatently untrustworthy. They are putting all their faith into a man who is guilty of bad faith.

Christopher Hitchens is an sharp as ever in his essay, Blind Faith, in which he offers his take on the Obama/Jeremiah Wright connection. I highly recommend a perusal.



Blah, Blah, Blah! More Nonsense From Obama/Clinton Camps

April 8, 2008

“My considered conclusion is that a considerable and increasing proportion of politicians… do know they are talking nonsense, but they go on doing so because they are ashamed to stop after so long, because it gives them something to say, and because, as everyone is talking the same nonsense, they feel quite safe.” (Enoch Powell, 1978 )

The late Enoch Powell, renowned and respected British Conservative politican, described perfectly the general trend of politicians to spout absolute drivel for much of the time. What is more, his astute observation that many politicians not only speak nonsense, but that they also are fully aware of this, is more appropriate today on the left side of the American political scene than at any time in modern history.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have felt ‘safe’ in this world of self-perpetuating story-telling, precisely because they both have employed the same strategy and they have enjoyed, for the most part, gentle coverage in the media. They, too, have no doubt felt ‘ashamed to stop’, and yet, stop is exactly what the Clinton machine did – or, more accurately, came to a grinding halt – when the whole Bullets Over Bosnia Walter Mitty escapade was revealed to be a tale of dishonesty.

Nonsense is the only way to describe Clinton’s fairytale.

Obama has certainly revelled in a smooth ride from most of the media thus far. Poppycock was one of the words that sprung to mind when he claimed not to have been ‘in the congregation’ during Jeremiah Wright’s bigotted rantings. Shortly after that fraudulant claim, Obama had to flip-flop and confess he had in fact been aware of many of the racist and inflammatory comments that Wright had uttered over the years.

Obama persisted in the nonsense realm, however, by not ‘throwing the pastor under the bus’, as the media might say. Instead, he reserved a seat for this extremist at the front of the bus, while Obama’s grandmother was tossed beneath the wheels.

Obama still feels ‘safe.’ After all, he is competing against the Clintons.