Chavez: Television Is Bad For You

What a surprise. The darling of the liberal, anti-American, pro-‘anybody else’ brigade has continued to demonstrate his dictatorial, totalitarian heart by shutting down Venezuela’s most popular television station. Its crime? Free speech and not showing undying love for President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez is following a path laid down by others of his ilk sucha as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro – they claim or have claimed to be on the side of ‘the people’ but in reality they put themselves first and are quite happy to see the working classes (and everybody else, for that matter) struggle and suffer.

Hopefully, Americans such as Jesse Jackson and Harry Belafonte, along with many others, will take note of Chavez’s actions and condemn him. The rest of the world needs to send a message to Chavez, but that is unlikely to happen.

Oh, by the way, Chavez also turned the water cannons onto thousands of peaceful protesters. What next?

The way these Marxist dictators do business is not dissimilar to kings of France in the 1700s. They control all the wealth, they live in fine abodes, and they have scant regard for the lives of the people. We know what happened in 1789.

CNN’s coverage

2 Responses to “Chavez: Television Is Bad For You”

  1. Tamako Says:

    Hermanos Venezolanos.

    Ese tirano de Chavez los van hacer sufrir como a los pobres Cubanos.
    Fidel les prometio y prometio y al final Fidel y sus sequaces son los unicos que se beneficiaron El resto de la populacion se quedaron en el sotano
    Yo se que algunos de los efectivos militares que no quieren ver a la republica caer en las manos del tirano Chavez. LEVANTENSE Y LUCHEN.
    Mis hermanos de venezuela les respardamos en su nueva lucha.

    De pie todos, HASTA LA MUERTE !!!!!!!

  2. libertas01 Says:

    Translation, please.

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