Rosie O’Donnell AWOL? MIA?

Rosie O’Donnell, having criticized Elisabeth Hasselbeck as “cowardly” on Wednesday 23rd May on The View for not kowtowing to her (Rosie’s) bullying efforts to defend her outrageous statements against the troops in Iraq, did not turn up to next show.

Why? One can only imagine what must be going through the delusional O’Donnell’s mind. Right now, it’s probably full of conspiracy theories about how Bush orchestrated her firing from The View because her ranting was attracting too much attention and opening the eyes of a misled nation. If this is the case, she should book herself into a clinic and get the help she clearly needs.

In reality, she did not show because she was feeling sorry for herself. Bullies hate it when their victims strike back – even more so, when the victim stands up to the bully in public. Hasselbeck found her spine at last and stood (sat, to be precise)  toe-to-toe with O’Donnell. Surprisingly, the mainstream media has given the spat a great deal of coverage. I say “surprisingly” because the outcome of the coverage has been greater sympathy and respect for Hasselbeck and her opinions on the war and the troops.

Maybe O’Donnell went missing owing to the fact that she realizes the American public is growing tired of her constant anti-American troop-bashing routine. She may also recognize the fact that Hasselbeck came across as strong and rational (somewhat unusually for her), while she was seen as irrational, obnoxious and disrespectful.

Please come back today, Rosie. It would be nice to see Hasselbeck finish you off. Having said that, a reappearance by O’Donnell might signal a made-for-TV ‘let’s kiss and make up’ moment. Oh dear.

3 Responses to “Rosie O’Donnell AWOL? MIA?”

  1. carol Says:

    I guess you are a die hard republican also like Elizabeth who doesn’t care how many of our young men and women are dying everyday in this crazy war, but it is OK you are a republican.

  2. R Field Says:

    Rosie is gone, almost certainly (today’s & Monday’s
    shows are previously taped). She strongly
    implied it on her blog yesterday, and Baba
    WaWa’s denials of any staging yesterday of
    the Wednesday argument, was about as credible
    as when she said she had no say in Rosie’s
    contract talks – where they just couldn’t get
    past the sticking point that ABC wanted her
    3 years and Rosie said no, only 1.

    If you bought that, you also bought that there
    was no supression of “no-WMD” intelligence so
    Bush could go into Iraq, and you bought that
    Ray Nagin was at fault for the Katrina disaster.

    Here is what appears to have really happened;

    – Rosie, while correct on her stances, cannot
    make her case without bullying others. She has
    a complete void of tact and personally attacks
    those who disagree. That makes her counter-
    productive to her causes, and she needs to
    work those causes with somebody else as the
    spokesperson. Obviously.

    – Rosie has personally denigrated Liza all year,
    calling her positions ignorant, etc. Liza has
    pretty much been a doormat for it prior to
    Wednesday. She’d obviously had enough.

    – You can tell from Rosie’s blog that she
    was blindsided by the split screen, and very
    upset over the producers doing that.

    What likely happened is; Walters wanted a new
    stunt for May sweeps, the producer knows Liza is
    hurt and angry over the year of mistreatment by
    Rosie, they know she is gone in 3 weeks anyway,
    so they target her. Producer goes to Liza H and
    says “on your first remarks of the segment,
    confront Rosie on her recent implication that
    U.S. troops are the terrorists”

    (btw, that is not what she was saying. Again
    she speaks badly).

    “Once you start in and she predictably reacts
    defensively, let it get as contentious as you
    want. We’ll extend the segment and split the
    screen ala Jerry Springer. Baba will step in
    tomorrow claiming Rosie is off for partner’s
    birthday (is in fact what happened), declare
    peace but chase Rosie off early for being too

    So there was a real aspect to the disagreement,
    and also a staged element to how it was aired
    in my opinion. Liza is wrong to have swallowed
    up all the R propaganda she swallows, but Rosie
    had this coming to her.

  3. Bob Bovienzo Says:

    Good riddence to bad rubbish. What color is the sky on Rosies planet? I will boycott every thing she ever does again, from books, to movies, to TV. What a mean spirited, ugly, fat B**** Good bye Rosie.

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