John Edwards Against US?

John Edwards has surely hammered another nail into his own coffin with his ludicrous claim that the War on Terror is just “bumper sticker” politics. Alas, if only that were true. Unfortunately for Edwards, the enemy in this apparently ‘fake’ War on Terror continues to provide a dearth of evidence to the contrary. Plots against the USA and its allies are uncovered on a daily basis and their websites do not hide their hateful messages.

Edwards plans for the future include the surrender “withdrawal” of US forces from Iraq. He seems delusional if he fails to see the dangers of further appeasement of extremists intent on destroying America and its allies. 

Rudy Giuliani came back with the perfect response…

“I don’t understand why a Democratic candidate would be in denial of what’s actually going on. This global War on Terror is going on whether John Edwards recognizes it or not. It’s not like it’s controlled, there are people planning to come here and kill us all over the world.”

Over the next few months the American voters need to realise the consequences of voting for candidates like Edwards. A vote in that direction will lead to America’s defeat in the War on Terror and invite other extremists to take on the battle against democracy.

Further information: Fox News


One Response to “John Edwards Against US?”

  1. mpinkeyes Says:

    Edwards’ comments are very disturbing. But this does seem to play to the Democrat base, which is even more disturbing. Someone who is either as naive or reckless as this cannot be trusted to run the country.

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