Bush-Bashers Belt Up!

Every day the mainstream media has to find something about which to criticize President Bush. On Tuesday, Bush was seen driving his truck on his ranch without a seatbelt on. Big news!

In most countries around the world, this ‘incident’ would not have been reported. It might have earned a mention in a Letter to the Editor of a small town newspaper from a bitter old man with nothing better to do than write letters of complaint. Not in America. The “Seatbelt Incident” was an issue on CNN’s Anderson Copper 360. They casually mentioned that since Bush was on private land, he was not committing an offence but that “it doesn’t look good.”

Let’s worry about more pressing matters… such as the Democrats and their Iraq war surrender/defunding turmoil. Bush may have not had a seatbelt but the Democrats do not appear to have a driver who knows the directions right now. Now, that is newsworthy.


One Response to “Bush-Bashers Belt Up!”

  1. totaltransformation Says:

    “it doesn’t look good.”

    What a joke.

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