Hitchens Nails Carter

“Mr. Carter quite simply abdicated the whole responsibility of the presidency while in office. He left the nation at the mercy of its enemies at home and abroad. He was the worst president we ever had.”

Christopher Hitchens slides this perfect quotation from Sen. Eugene McCarthy about Jimmy Carter into his latest posting on Slate.com. He then continues in his customary manner to strip Carter of any honour he claims to possess. It is an excellent read and the perfect antidote to the perpetual stream of anti-Bush, anti-Blair, anti-war, and anti-democracy coverage found in the mainstream media.

While I recommend you read the entire article, I cannot help extracting another quotation – in defence of the unfairly maligned, Tony Blair.

“He [Carter] also went on the British Broadcasting Corporation to make spiteful and cheap remarks on the retirement of Prime Minister Tony Blair, calling him “loyal, blind, apparently subservient.” Yes, that’s right, Mr. Carter. Just the way to make friends and assert “America’s basic values.” Show us your peanut envy. Heap insults on a guest in Washington: a thrice-elected prime minister who was the first and strongest ally of the United States on the most awful day in its recent history. A man who was prepared to risk his own career to be counted as a friend. A man who was warning against the Taliban, against Slobodan Milosevic, and against Saddam Hussein when George Bush was only the governor of Texas.

Well said, Mr Hitchens.

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One Response to “Hitchens Nails Carter”

  1. mpinkeyes Says:

    Great article, it’s amazing to me this man feels as though he has any right to comment on another president’s foreign policy.

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