US Immigration Bill and McCain

John McCain took some heat in the recent Fox News Republican Candidates’ debate for his views on immigration and his support for a bipartisan deal that would lead to the opportunity for the 12 million or so illegal immigrant workers in the US to apply to stay legally and eventually to obtain permanent residency status. The deal between the White House and the Senate to create an Immigration Bill dealing positively with the illegals is a vindication for McCain’s efforts and views on the matter.

McCain maintains that border security is an issue of the highest priority but is realistic when supporting the proposal for the fate of the millions of illegal aliens currently residing/working in the US. Some of the candidates are clearly against the so-called ‘amnesty’ (which is ridiculous considering the amount of time involved in obtaining the permanent status – anything up to 13 years) and yet have no answer when it comes to dealing with the 12 million illegals – deporting 12 million is not feasible.

The Bill will hopefully be passed and then a new chapter in America’s immigrant history can begin.


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