Dreaming of owning a football team?

For years, many sports fans have dreamt of owning their own team. Ownership would give one some say in how the team was run, which players were bought and sold, and which tactical strategies were to be used. That, of course, is just a dream unless one is a multi-millionaire. Or is it?

On the 26th April, Will Brooks’ website My Football Club was launched. The premise: to attract 50,000 people to sign up and (eventually) contribute approximately $70 each. In doing so, these 50,000 would amass a total of around $2.77 million, which would be enough money to purchase the majority of shares in many soccer clubs in the UK (not the top clubs).

Having purchased a suitable team, the contributors would then vote on the major decisions affecting the team – ie transfers in and out of the club, overall team tactics. The head coach would be responsible for training the team – the responsibility would lie with the ‘fans’ who had stumped up the cash.

 This either sounds like a cool idea or a scam. It has received a lot of attention on the BBC website and has had over 13,000 people registering so far.

It may be a football fantasy but if it were to succeed… I want to be on board. If it does succeed, maybe the idea will spread to North America. It would certainly be one way of creating interest in some of the less fashionable sporting teams or those not in the highest realm of professional sports (AHL, example).

However, one drawback in North American sport is that there is no real prospect of the little team progressing to the ‘big’ league as there is no promotion/relegation.

When we buy our first club in England, the possibility exists that it might one day be challenging the likes of Manchester United… every schoolboy’s (and schoolgirl’s, in this day and age) dream.

By the way, at the risk of ending up with egg on my face, I’m going to risk my $70 on the dream. As any soccer fan will know, that is a small price to pay for fantastic footballing journey.

Hopefully, many others around the globe will be tempted to dream the dream. 


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