Rosie O’Donnell’s Jaded and Faded

At last, Rosie O’Donnell will be leaving The View. Her treasonous, anti-American (pro-terror?) tirades were becoming more tiresome and more offensive by the day. The mainstream media stood up as one to condemn Don Imus for his offensive (and yet, comedic comments), but have said little against O’Donnell despite the numerous occasions when she has accused the President of America of lying, torturing and murdering. Free speech is one thing, but hateful propaganda against one’s own President and country at a time of war is unforgivable.

Unfortunately, her departure is not immediate, and so one will have to tolerate her rantings for two more months. Predictably, her pronouncements are seeming to be more delusional and wild with every passing show. This week she aggressively attacked the rather feeble Elisabeth Hasselbeck, barely allowing her to speak on the subject of Iraq.

One can only hope that Joy Behar will be following closely on O’Donnell’s heels.


4 Responses to “Rosie O’Donnell’s Jaded and Faded”

  1. ramblingjenn Says:

    Why exactly is she leaving the View? was she fired? I know there is tons of rumors going around what do you think happened?
    Rambling Jenn

  2. libertas01 Says:

    Personally, I think there may be several reasons.
    Firstly, there clearly seemed to be tension between Rosie and Barbara Walters. The View was Barbara’s show but Rosie has become the dominant force. While she has attracted viewers, one could argue that it was the controversy of her statements rather than the quality of them that garnered so much attention.
    Secondly, one would like to think that the network finally had enough of her comments on the 9/11 conspiracy, Bush being a war criminal etc.

    Key point now… can The View find someone to replace her – as I said, she was the main attraction because she was such a loose and offensive cannon.

    Note: I am not an expert on the show, having seen it only 20 times or so. However, I have followed the transcripts etc when there has been controversy – ie nearly every day recently.

  3. mpinkeyes Says:

    The things that Rosie has said are far more offensive to me that what Don Imus said. While I am not condoning what he said, at least he did not say that the president murdered 3000 American citizens so that he could start a war.

    The fact that she has/had a mainstream forum to spout her disgusting views is very disturbing.

    Thank God she was fired ( I do believe she was fired), but who knows where she will end up. I think she will end up somewhere where her views are validated.

  4. PatriciaPowers Says:

    I remember what Rosie did to Tom Selleck. I feel that Rosie took advantage of the fact that she is a woman and Tom Selleck is a gentlemen. That is called a sucker punch. Rosie sucker punched Tom Selleck. Barbra has proved to the world that she is not honest with her fans. I am not a fan and I never will be. I do feel that Rosie need a doctor.

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