The Blame Game

As the true horror of events at Virginia Tech sink in, it is very difficult for people not to be seeking somebody to blame. For the past 36 hours or so, the news networks have been posing questions and replaying interviews in which University authorities or the police are being blamed for the massacre of over 30 people on the campus.

Many are holding them responsible for not ‘locking down’ the campus (if this, indeed, is possible) in order to pre-empt a mass-murder situation. Hindsight gives us the perfect response to a catastrophe every time. Unfortunately, nobody could have predicted the acts of a madman.

There is only one person to blame.

The gunman, himself.

Either through insanity or a shear disregard for life, he took the lives of those innocent people. It is unkind and callous to suggest that the University or the police allowed this catastrophic event to take place through their inaction. Horrors of this ilk are impossible to predict, for the most part.

In future, there might well be protocols in place to deal with such events. For the time being, let the investigations take place.

The victims and their families and friends are in our thoughts and prayers at this terrible time.


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