Pelosi Panders to the Syrians – Resignation Next?

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, led the Democrats to a new low this week when she visited Syria and offered an alternative to President Bush’s foreign policy.

Bush’s policy includes taking the fight to the terrorists, punishing nations who harbour or support terrorism, and offering a hand of support to those who stand up against totalitarian regimes. It is hard to imagine anyone could be so vehemently opposed to these ideas – then, one remembers that many in the Democratic Party are more concerned about their own short-term political careers than the security of the US and the world at large.

Pelosi’s jaunt to Syria is designed to undermine Bush and the war on terror. Is she so myopic that she fails to see the encouragement she is giving to the self-proclaimed enemies of the US and Israel? Is she blind to the religious, personal, and political restrictions placed on citizens of Syria?

She seems to prefer to negotiate with Assad rather than work with Bush. Wearing the headscarf hardly strengthens the position of women in a country where gender equality is guaranteed by law but is not a reality for many women (Human Rights Watch).

The US is at war with the Islamic extremists. Syria supports the terrorist groups who are attacking Coalition forces and who are undermining democracy in Iraq. Pelosi is irresponsible, at the very least, and verging on treasonous, at the very worst.

Pelosi has emboldened the enemy through her actions. If the mainstream media were more objective, her position as Speaker might be in jeopardy. Her resignation would be an honourable step. An admission of misjudgement would be most welcome.

Her disloyalty might come back to haunt the Democrats, if the public catch on to the implications of her visit to Syria.


5 Responses to “Pelosi Panders to the Syrians – Resignation Next?”

  1. fitnessfortheoccasion Says:

    So is this going to come back to haunt the Republicans as well?

  2. avoiceofreason Says:

    Congress has sent delegations before to Syria, with much of the same results, nothing.

    Syria will not do anything positive towards the WOT, and all of their promises for negotiation are based on wanting everything up front while offering a promise to talk in return.

    A good photo op for Madam Speaker. Thankfully, some other voices from the delegation were heard, although not many bothered covering what they said.

    I did 🙂

  3. mpinkeyes Says:

    Nancy Pelosi then lied and said Isael wanted to have peace negotiations with Syria. She was trying to undermine and embarrass the president, but it backfired. If she was a Republican there would be hearings and investigations into these actions.

  4. fitnessfortheoccasion Says:

    I’m not sold either way on delegations. We keep interacting with China. While they haven’t moved much on their own human rights violations, they have become a voice of stability in the region.

    Perhaps we can gain at least that by continuing to talk with Syria.

  5. avoiceofreason Says:

    I’m all for talk, but the conversation with Syria has to end with please don’t allow your borders to be the turnstile for insurgents to go Iraq and Israel, and while you’re at it, try not to use suicide bombs on Jews or US Servicemen.

    Kind of a spin off the old Hill St. Blues Desk Sgt. request to be safe our there.

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