Iran 1 United Kingdom 0

“I’d like to say that myself and my whole team are very grateful for your forgiveness. I’d like to thank yourself and the Iranian people… Thank you very much, sir.”

These are the words of an unidentified British sailor. Hardly the language one expects from a member of Britannia’s wave-ruling navy. Alas, the kowtowing to Iran is becoming infectious.

The treatment of the sailors has been unforgivable. How one of the sailors can thank Ahmadinejad when the female sailor was forced to wear a hijab is beyond belief. The media, of course, have made very little criticism of the parading of the sailors on television, or the forced confessions, or, indeed, the hijab.

It is not hard to imagine the uproar there would be if the US or the UK forced its prisoners to appear on television, let alone if they coerced female Muslim terrorist suspects to wear western-style clothing.

Iran wins this battle but the incident counts as useful evidence in building a case against the volatile and unpredictable Ahmadinejad. Some will be fooled by this Easter ‘gift.’ It certainly will not distract President Bush, who knows that Ahmadinejad would like to present another ‘gift’ to the world in the form of a nuclear weapon.

Publicly, the UK came out of this incident rather embarrassed. One must hope that, privately, the UK plans to help the US (ideally UN as well, but that’s pure fantasy) to ensure future incidents with Iran do not involve nuclear weapons.


One Response to “Iran 1 United Kingdom 0”

  1. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Good points.

    So, are you implying that the western fox has just been shot?

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