America’s Fight For Freedom

While Democrats, anti-war protesters, leftists and, apparently, many others call for America’s surrender (for that is how a troop withdrawal will be seen by our enemies) in Iraq, the heart of America continues to beat strongly with a passion for liberty for all, freedom from oppression and a secure homeland.

The BBC, not known for its impartiality regarding the war on terror, actually broadcast a programme on one of its radio stations that offered a glimpse of what many Americans believe regarding the war on terror and the war in Iraq. Generally, the protests against the war are given most coverage along with any declarations by the leftist and/or Hollywood crowd. In this instance, the focus was on small-town America and the sacrifice its families are making in the war.

Windthorst, Texas, was the town. The family of Gary Johnston, a courageous 21-year-old member of America’s Armed Forces who lost his life in Iraq, was one of the focal points. The programme emphasised the convictions and resolve of the community.

“Everyone believed that US troops should remain in Iraq to protect America from terrorists, to honour the dead, such as Gary, and to complete the job… even one whose definition was becoming less certain,” said James Coomerasamy, the BBC’s correspondent.

Gary Johnstone’s father, Nubbin, declared,

You want to know why small-town America is losing so many of its people in Iraq? It’s because small-town America still believes in this country, still believes in fighting for the freedom to worship whichever God you believe in. Our young men and women – like Gary – have been sacrificing their lives for this for 200 years. This is America.”

The mainstream media do not broadcast views like these. The impression one receives from a typical newsbroadcast or newspaper editorial is that the war on terror and the war in Iraq do not have popular support in America or in the countries it counts as allies. This is a fallacy.

The support for America’s (and the coalitions’s) foreign policy is widespread but it is not as vocal as the anti-brigade. Anti-whatever protesters have always been louder than the ‘silent’ majority. Rarely, in democratic countries does one find people taking to the streets to demonstrate in favour of something that is already happening.

Unfortunately, the spin in the media is suggesting that the protesters are in a majority and, consequently, many others sheepishly follow… along the lines of … “well, if everyone else thinks Bush (America) is wrong, he (it) must be…”

Thank goodness the President, and many Americans, remain alert to the menace of terrorism and realise the importance of the fight for freedom, not only for America’s sake but for the benefit of the world. May America and its Coalition allies remain steadfast in their commitment to fight extremism.


One Response to “America’s Fight For Freedom”

  1. mpinkeyes Says:

    I love that comment from Gary Johnstone’s father, it’s probably very true. Small town America probably still has the will, and loves this country the way I wish the rest of America did.

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