Will Iran’s Petulance Go Unpunished?

The capture of 15 British sailors by Iran is both alarming and unsurprising. Such a provocative deed should be expected considering the Iranian leadership continues to demonstrate its disdain for the rest of the world by developing nuclear weapons – weapons that its current President, Ahmadinejad, might well choose to use or exploit given his aggressive stance towards Israel and the West. Ahmadinejad has no reason to fear the UN. The UN is impotent – unless the US acts on its behalf. 

Knowing that popular opinion in the UK and USA is against expanding the war on terror and in favour of accepting defeat in Iraq, Ahmadinejad undoubtedly feels certain the UK and the USA will approach this incident with caution and with force remaining off the table.

These 15 sailors are feeling the consequences of the anti-war atmosphere that pervades the West. Those on the left and right who call for retreat in the war in Iraq are encouraging extremists around the world. One can only hope they begin to see the error of their ways and the potential consequences of continuing down the path of defeat. Capturing 15 sailors is the beginning. Wait until Iran succeeds in creating nuclear weapons. Cities with millions of people will then be in the firing line.

BBC Coverage


2 Responses to “Will Iran’s Petulance Go Unpunished?”

  1. Ned Dupont Says:

    Hear hear!!!!!
    You got it 100% correct!

  2. mpinkeyes Says:

    Very well put. The anti-war Democrats have hindered our ability to fight the war, nevermind expand it. This has only emboldened Iran to pull off something like this.

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