Do Democrats Want Defeat For USA?

With their continuing efforts to undermine the authority of the President during a time of war, the Democrats have clearly signalled, once and for all, their blatent disregard for the security of the United States, their lack of concern regarding the war on terror, and their desire to see America cowering from the enemies of democracy around the world.

The Democrats clearly have little sympathy for the millions of Iraqis who will be left in an islamo-fascist-run state if the US surrenders. The Democrats have little foresight, if they think the image of American troops raising the white flag in Iraq will deter the Iranians from using nuclear weapons to achieve their stated goals – these include the destruction of Israel and the USA.

The Democrats only seem to care about themselves and their political careers. Thank goodness, the leading Republicans, such as Bush, Giuliani, and McCain, place their country (and the safeguarding of freedom around the globe) above their party and their own political careers.

We remain on course for victory in the war on terror (a victory that is an absolute must) thanks to the resolve and determination of the President. He refuses to allow party politics to destroy America’s benevolent power in the world. The Democrats want to prevent the troops from operating at their full potential, and so they have passed a measure that would hand victory on a plate to the terrorists. The new direction the Democrats want to take in Iraq has been accurately described as a “declaration of defeat” by House Republican Whip Roy Blunt. He went on to say that “the stakes in Iraq are too high… to be content with anything less than success.” (Roy Blunt)

As Fox News reports, Bush will use the veto to prevent the Democrats plans from becoming law.

For the time being, Democrats and Al Qaeda will have to postpone their celebrations. With Bush at the helm, the USA and the Coalition remain on the difficult path to victory. Surrender is not an option.

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and Michigan for McCain’s reference to the Arizona Senator’s suggestions for the President regarding the Democrats’ bill.


One Response to “Do Democrats Want Defeat For USA?”

  1. mpinkeyes Says:

    Well said again. I only hope the next president has the same resolve as president Bush.

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