United Nations – Impotent and Unwilling

Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader in Zimbabwe, was savagely beaten by police after a rally in Harare. The BBC reports Tsvangirai as vowing to continue his “struggle” despite the dreadful toll on his body.

Tsvangirai is the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and he is aiming to achieve democracy in a country that has been ravaged by Robert Mugabe’s chillingly barbaric reign of terror.

Mugabe, the current President of Zimbabwe, was quite respected three or four decades ago when he was leading the fight against white rule. Having gained power, he, himself, has become a cruel and oppressive figure, described by Desmond Tutu as, “a cartoon figure of the archetypal African dictator.”

There are limited sanctions in place. these sanctions restrict Mugabe and his associates. Clearly, any sanctions on Zimbabwe would only affect the impoverished general population. Zimbabwe’s African neighbours, for the most part, are tolerant of Mugabe’s terror tactics.

It is time for the United Nations to step up and act. Mere condemnation of the treatment of Tsvangirai is inadequate.


3 Responses to “United Nations – Impotent and Unwilling”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    UN Sanctions – has there ever been a bigger joke?

  2. avoiceofreason Says:

    Where are 300 Spartans when you need ’em?

  3. The Zax Says:

    Libertas- Cool post. You haven’t forgotten us over on Wisdom of the Capybara, right?

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