Republican Affairs – One Rule For One…

“One rule for one, another for another” seems to be the motto of many on the right wing of the Republican Party during debates and discussions regarding potential Presidential candidates.

One of the main victims of a self-righteous campaign to smear his candidacy has been Rudy Giuliani. Many Republicans (those who, one might say, value the Party line above the good of the country) have been denigrating Giuliani for his extra-marital affairs, his divorces etc. That he be criticized for his infidelity is perfectly acceptable and understandable. Such selfish and unfaithful behaviour cannot be condoned, and yet it does not follow that he cannot make a fine President (indeed, if he were running for office in France, these indiscretions would be looked upon in a positive light) – none of us are perfect. Learning from past mistakes can make us better people.

The same Republicans who criticize Giuliani for his immorality (as well as for his more moderate conservative views) have been hailing Newt Gingrich as the saviour of the Republican Party and as the next President. News of his confession about his affair during the 90s has hardly registered with these extreme Republicans. They have had to soften their criticism of Giuliani in this area, although they now accuse him of stirring up the Gingrich controversy. Their desperation to avoid a compassionate conservative like McCain or Giuliani seems to know no depths.

So far some in the media seem to have given Gingrich a free ride on this issue whereas Giuliani has received a lot of negative coverage. Mango Ice Cream, in an excellent post, succinctly covers this point, and raises the issue as to whether Gingrich will suffer a similar amount of negative media attention following his disclosure.

I fear not. Still, even if Gingrich escapes the negative press, his universal popular appeal does not even come close to that of Giuliani (or McCain, for that matter).


2 Responses to “Republican Affairs – One Rule For One…”

  1. tdw Says:

    I think Sen Thompson’s candidacy would be VERY troublesome for the eventual Democartic nominee. Unfortunately, for a very large portion of the American voting population, issues are often secondary. The overriding consideration is whether the voter feels comfortable with the personality of the condidate.

    While I completely disagree with Sen. Kerry on every issue… as an example, Sen. Kerry did not connect with a big segment of the population. He lost even though many people were not happy with Pres. Bush.

    For some strange reason Alabama (my home state) has scheduled its primaries for Feb 5, 2008. This happens to be Mardi Gras and here in Mobile it is a holiday. About 250,000 – 300,000 will crowd downtown for the celebration. If Sen. Thompson is on the ballot, I will skip all the celebrations to vote for him.

  2. avoiceofreason Says:

    There is one issue I feel that trumps all other issues. Who do you trust to secure the nation in this time of bitter sentiments, threats to our nation’s security, immigration issues and of course the WOT. All other stances are nice, but secondary.

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