Scooter Libby Framed in Leftist Cover-Up

The mainstream media, the Democrats and the anti-American forces around the world are celebrating the conviction of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, ex-Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney. His ‘evil’ deed? Lying to the FBI and a grand jury about the Valery Plame affair. The BBC has been trumpeting Libby’s conviction as evidence that the Bush Administration misled the world about its reasons for invading Iraq. Once again, this is typical left-wing anti-American spin aimed at tainting the Bush Administration and America’s noble aims in attempting to defeat extremism and maintain freedom.

Why is there this spin? Many in the media seem to be forgetting that the trial of Libby was a desperate attempt by Prosecutor Fitzgerald to ‘achieve’ something after months of digging for more dirt on the Bush Administration had produced nothing that would hold up in court. What a triumph for Fitzgerald to obtain a conviction for ‘fibbing’!

What were these lies? Attempts to cover up false evidence used to convince people of Saddam Hussein’s menace? No. Efforts to mislead the world over the Iraq situation? No. In fact, these lies were actually denials of remembering whether conversations had taken place. How pathetic.

What is more pathetic and disturbing is the fact that Fitzgerald made no attempt to delve deeper into Joseph Wison’s report on the “Yellowcake” in Niger evidence. The attempts by Iraq to obtain uranium were indeed part of the evidence used by the Bush Administration to support the case for removing Hussein and establishing democracy in Iraq.

Surely, discovering whether this evidence was truthful or deliberately misleading would be far more important than pursuing a ‘crime’ that ranks as insignificant by comparison. Perhaps, Fitzgerald deliberately avoided looking into the Wilson report and his motives because he knew the findings would back the Bush Administration’s (actually, British Intelligence’s) claims about the yellowcake uranium and justify their indignation at Wilson’s cover-up job.

Christopher Hitchens has commented on the Iraq-Niger link at length and provides convincing documented evidence that Iraq was indeed attempting to obtain uranium from Niger and as he puts it, “the Blair and Bush administrations were quite right to view the Iraq-Niger relationship with concern.” Rather than regurgitate all of Hitchens’ words, I advise anyone seriously interested in the Joseph Wilson cover-up report to read Hitchens’ articles on the affair. It seems that Wilson was the man who was hiding the truth so as not to give credence to the Bush Administration.

“In any evaluation of the Wilson visit to Niger, it must indeed be acknowledged that he found nothing—but only because he had neither the ability nor the intention to do so,” Hitchens continues. Wilson claimed there was nothing to find – Hitchens disputes this with ample evidence.

Libby’s case does not even concern the leaking of Plame’s name – something which might be a cause for a trial. Why is the leak not being dealt with? Maybe because the leak originated from “Richard Armitage, Colin Powell’s deputy at the State Department and, with his boss, an assiduous underminer of the president’s war policy.” (See Christopher Hitchens – Plame Out). In other words, an enemy of the Bush Administration.

In his Case Closed article, Hitchens sums up the Plamegate affair accurately,

“…the twin allegations of a false story exposed by Wilson and then of a state-run vendetta undertaken against him and the lady wife who dispatched him on the mission—are in irretrievable ruins. The truth is the exact polar opposite. The original Niger connection was both authentic and important, and Wilson’s utter failure to grasp it or even examine it was not enough to make Karl Rove even turn over in bed. All the work of the supposed “outing” was inadvertently performed by Wilson’s admirer Robert Novak.”

Unfortunately, as has been the case with many unfounded allegations spun by the mainstream media, the Bush Administration failed to publicly take on the lies in an aggressive fashion. Thus, many people in the United States and around the world have swallowed the propaganda served up by the anti-American media.

The Scooter Libby case is a distraction from the truth. The truth is that the case for going to war with Iraq was strong. The case for “staying the course” in that war and in the war on terror is stronger than ever.

The people are being misled, but it it not by George W. Bush and his Administration. It is the mainstream media that are misleading the world. Why? Who knows exactly? The consequences are obvious, though. America will be weakened and the extremists will be emboldened. Let us hope the Bush Administration remains strong in its resolve.

5 Responses to “Scooter Libby Framed in Leftist Cover-Up”

  1. ChenZhen Says:

    What were these lies? Attempts to cover up false evidence used to convince people of Saddam Hussein’s menace? No. Efforts to mislead the world over the Iraq situation? No. In fact, these lies were actually denials of remembering whether conversations had taken place. How pathetic.

    Well, they can still investigate those other ones. 🙂

  2. cascadian Says:

    He lied to a grand jury. It’s illegal to do that. He got caught. That’s why he was indicted (and convicted). It’s no witch hunt, no media conspiracy. George Soros isn’t behind it all…

  3. avoiceofreason Says:

    There is quite a bit of rumbling that the appeal may be very solid.

    If this is political fodder for 08 expect to hear the retort of Sandy Berger loud and clear.

  4. mpinkeyes Says:

    It is amazing that the mainstream media has spun this into an indictment on Bush’s war policy. This trial had nothing to do with the war. You are correct when you say that Fitzgerald had to find something so he filed a process charge. No crime was committed by anyone, so Libby is the fall guy. Not for Cheney as the media portrays it, for Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald knew early in his investigation Armittage was the leak and should have ended the investigation.
    The last paragraph in this post is perfect, the Bush administation will remain strong, I’m afraid about the administration that comes next.

  5. Librarian Says:

    Fitzgerald was appointed to conduct the investigation *after* Armitage had come forward and admitted his part in the leak to the FBI investigators. If there had been no underlying crime to investigate, Fitzgerald wouldn’t even have been appointed, as Armitage’s role was fully known at the time. But because of Libby’s obstruction of justice and perjury (lying on the witness stand to the Grand Jury),investigation of the underlying crime was stalled – unless Libby now cuts a deal before sentencing…

    Or Cheney short-circuits the legal system by getting his man Libby a presidential pardon.

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