McCain Wise to Dodge Coulter’s CPAC Circus

A tactical error. A calamitous mistake. A “diss” is how CPAC chairman, David Keane, so eloquently described it. What is being referred to? John McCain’s absence from CPAC over the past weekend.

Quite frankly, since the coverage in the media has centred almost exclusively on Ann Coulter’s now infamous “faggot” comment, McCain’s decision to skip this event is looking more and more inspired with every passing cable news bulletin.

While Giuliani, by all accounts, had positive reactions to his views on key issues at CPAC, very few people outside of the event were aware of what he had said owing to the furore surrounding Coulter’s remarks.

I would not be surprised to learn that the appearance of the more extreme elements of the Republican Party at CPAC was the principal reason for McCain to turn down his invitation. One does not have to be a genius to realize that publicity-seekers like Coulter will do and say almost anything to feed their desire for attention. The Half-Hour News Show on Fox News was a clear example of this. It is hard to recall a ‘comedy’ show that was worse than this. That Coulter even wanted to be associated with this disastrous vehicle raises questions about her personal integrity. These questions were unfortunately answered by her speech at CPAC.

It is a shame that CPAC has been overshadowed by Coulter. The event has been an eye-opener for many of Coulter’s fans – the fact is, she does not care that an important opportunity for Republicans to air their opinions and receive publicity across the country has been wasted. At least, she will get a few more television appearance out of it.

The facts are clear. She does not have the best interests of the Republican Party at heart. She is not concerned about harming the chances of a conservative politician winning the 2008 Presidential race. She is only interested in selling herself and her books. Controversial comments are a surefire way to obtain publicity.

David Keane, CPAC chairman, claims McCain ‘dissed’ conservatives. What gives Keane the right to “diss” (to use Keane’s vocabulary) McCain? One could argue that Keane insulted the conservative movement by inviting, once again, extremists like Coulter to CPAC.

With hindsight, McCain definitely made the right choice. He is a moderate conservative with compassion for all. He does not need to associate with the extreme wing of the Republican Party. Such extremists and comments of the ilk that Coulter made only serve to alienate many independent voters, as well as more moderate Republicans/Democrats. That is not the way to win an election in the current climate.


One Response to “McCain Wise to Dodge Coulter’s CPAC Circus”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    From that vantage point, perhaps he had a crystal ball and knew what would happen. Maybe he was saying to himself, “I couldn’t have planned this better”. However, the Senator has an even more exposed right flank than Rudy Giuliani. The times that he has run afoul of the hard right is not forgotten. Sadly, this may undo any Centrist/Conservative candidate who does not quote the hard right’s ideology. If Sen. McCain is nominated, I fear that the ideologues will do another Dole ’96, and worry that anyone not annointed by that faction will face the same dilemma.

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