No News is Good News (or How To Read Between the Lines)

The aptly named blog Wake Up America is spot-on once again in its analysis of the mainstream media’s recent coverage of the “Surge” tactic in Baghdad. In the weeks leading up to the redeployment of US forces in Baghdad and the alteration to the rules of engagment there, the Democrats (and some turncoat Republicans) and the television pundits were predicting (hoping for?) disaster for the strategy. The mainstream media offered the viewer saturation coverage of the counter-arguments to the Surge. The term counter-argument has to be used very loosely here, since there were no coherent arguments per se… only anti-Bush and anti-war on terror rhetoric designed to undermine America’s position in the world.

Since the Surge began, there has been next to nothing in the media either positive (not surprising) nor negative. Wake Up America interprets this as “no news is good news” , figuring that any unfortunate event would receive massive coverage. I have to agree, hence the use of this interpretation as the title to this blog. 

It is a sad day when one knows that things are going well in the war because America’s own media chooses not to report the situation. Thank goodness events in WWII received appropriate media coverage. That is, successes were celebrated. The current mainstream media makes every effort to do the opposite.


2 Responses to “No News is Good News (or How To Read Between the Lines)”

  1. Manas Says:

    Only hope is left.

  2. avoiceofreason Says:

    And the surge is actually producing some positive results. Sadly, the MSM wags the dog today, and they won’t put forth any positive news from Iraq. Even those who support the mission are quiet about it, as I think everyone is just tired.

    Time to put on a poker face and deal with the hard reality. War sucks. We didn’t ask for it, and I still feel that this is a front on the war that terrorism brought to our door.

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