McCain Hit by Friendly Fire (Fox)

Following John McCain’s informal announcement on David Letterman that he is to enter the Presidential race, there has been a concerted effort by some in the media to besmirch his good name. One would expect the mainstream media to launch a few shots at McCain (Blogs for McCain) – he is a well-respected candidate, popular with people of diverse political opinions and likely to be the next President should he win the nomination. One does not need to be a genius to realize that the mainstream media wants anyone but a Republican in the White House.

What has been most alarming, however, has been the number of bodyshots McCain has had to take from Fox News. Fox News prides itself on its balanced coverage, and yet, so far in the race for the Republican nomination, the cable channel has undermined the McCain campaign, seemingly writing him off at this early stage. This approach is puzzling. Rather than support a healthy race between the leading Republicans, Fox News seems to have nailed its colours to the mast. Rudy is their man (until Newt Gingrich throws his hat in the ring – increasingly unlikely, in my opinion, since the Republican party would be on course for a heavy defeat, if he were to be nominated as the candidate to take on a Democrat heavyweight).

Undoubtedly, Giuliani is a superb candidate (see A Voice of Reason for some excellent reasons why) for the nomination and would have my full support, if he were to be chosen as the Republican candidate. However, in my opinion, McCain is a stronger overall candidate in terms of experience, policy and political clout.

Having said that, what is most important is healthy debate. A debate between Republican candidates and voters to determine who can be the best choice to lead America and the free world in these difficult times. Fox News seems to be denigrating McCain in order to either benefit Giuliani or a candidate yet to declare.

Bill O’Reilly is leading the charge. From what I can see, his anti-McCain stance stems from his over-inflated opinion of himself. He appears offended that David Letterman gave McCain an ‘easy’ ride when the Senator appeared on his show. O’Reilly overlooks the fact that Letterman (despite his political leanings) finds it easy to respect a distinguished politician like McCain. It might be harder for him to respect the aggressive O’Reilly who dwells in a world of egotism and narcissism.

O’Reilly was aggrieved that McCain made his informal announcement on mainstream television rather than cable news, and specifically Fox News. He pointed out that Giuliani announced on Hannity and Colmes. That this point was even raised is bizarre. It smacks of a grade five playground spat arising out of petty jealousy.

To back up the anti-McCain line, Fox News has Dick Morris, Bill Clinton’s former campaign adviser (of sorts). Morris has been bashing McCain for the past few days, making claims about lack of finance and that McCain is simply too far behind. Morris’ personal history does little to inspire confidence in his opinions, and yet both the O’Reilly and Hannity give him an air of respectability. Morris strikes the viewer as a man who will say whatever he needs to say to remain in the world of punditry. This was proven, when O’Reilly stated as a matter of fact that his show was the battleground for the Republican candidates. In other words, O’Reilly was claiming that he would be the deciding factor in the race for the nomination. Morris sheepishly concurred with O’Reilly, parroting his words and providing support for the host’s delusional opinion of his influence over the voters.

Little wonder McCain chose to avoid O’Reilly and Hannity. If Fox News thinks Morris is still a political heavyweight who has any influence over Republican voters, it is seriously mistaken. O’Reilly and Hannity have made a poor choice in using Morris as their “expert” to back up their views. What is more disturbing is their disrespect for John McCain and their lack of foresight.

McCain and Giuliani are the only hopes that the Republican Party has, if it wants to retain the Presidency. If you lose one of these candidates early in the race, there is a possibility that an as yet unannounced candidate will sneak in. This would prove calamitous for the Republican Party and for America.


One Response to “McCain Hit by Friendly Fire (Fox)”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    The good news is that many Conservative publications are starting to see your premise. An ideologue, and really there are none at the moment that have a chance, unless you are really drinking the Hunter and Tancredo Kool Aid, would be the worst thing that the GOP could do at this time.

    What is needed is Centrist/Conservative governance, and firm support to the mission in Iraq and the Global War on Terror.

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