The View’s Joy Behar… anti-American?

The mainstream media was doing the work of the enemy once again yesterday, as The View slid further into the cesspit of Hollywood liberalism. Joy Behar labelled the Bush administration “murderers and liars” and refused to recant.

Unfortunately, many on the left seem to agree with these almost treasonous words. What is most disturbing about the whole fracas is not that Behar chose to use these words. In our free society, she is able to make such utterances for there is no law against stupidity.  No, more worrisome than the description of the President and his team as “murderers” is the fact that Behar, along with most of anti-war leftist brigade, has never been heard using these terms to describe the horrific acts perpetrated against the Coalition and innocent citizens of Iraq by Al-Qaeda and the extremists.

Behar speaks as if Bush is the originator of this war between civilisations. She seems to forget the attacks against the West and specifically the USA.  Behar’s views are typical of many on the left and in the ‘anti-war’ movement. She fails to realize that America is a benevolent superpower. If Bush was the “murderer” she claims, he would have flattened Baghdad in one afternoon. Instead, the President and his administration devised a plan that would minimize civilian casualties (these have been minimal despite the propaganda spouted by the left) and that would not create the impression that a full-scale occupation was taking place. It was owing to this desire to cause the least amount of damage and to avoid appearing to have imperialist intentions that weapons of the highest technology were used (ie no carpet-bombing) and less troops were deployed. These good intentions have, ironically, paved the way for the problems in Iraq today.

Behar and the anti-war groups fail to acknowledge this. They are guided by a hatred of Bush and through their lack of criticism and condemnation of the actions of the extremists in Iraq (and around the world) they are demonstrating support for the enemy.

Bush put it very simply. “You are with us or you are against us.” It is a black and white issue. Behar has submitted enough evidence now to demonstrate that she is clearly against the countries in the world who are striving to protect their way of life, to bring freedom to the oppressed and to prevent the world being held to ransom by a growing number of extremists desperate to get their hands on a nuclear device.

An apology from Behar would be in order, but what are the words of this woman worth? After today’s shameful outburst, an apology would mean nothing. 


4 Responses to “The View’s Joy Behar… anti-American?”

  1. libertas01 Says:

    See also

  2. the Grit Says:

    The view is still on? I thought it collapsed under Rosie’s weight? Well, I learn something new every day 😉

    the Grit

  3. mpinkeyes Says:

    Great post. It’s hard to believe that these people hate the president so much. They would rather see the terrorists who flew planes into our buildings win.
    We have been trying to fight a politically correct war, that’s why it is taking so long, we could have destroyed that country in days. Could you imagine what names they would call the president then?

  4. avoiceofreason Says:

    As annoyed as I get from my party, the GOP, minimalizing me as a “RINO” because I have some areas where I differ from the hard right line, I am remembered by posts like this who the real hatemongers are at this time in the nation.

    I have never witnessed such vitriole towards a sitting President as towards President Bush. It is one thing to disagree, but this degree of venom is so troubling, yet pandemic. More evidence that the vast majority of the mainstream media have lost their position as being the fair brokers of information in this nation.

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