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Iran’s Act of War

March 28, 2007

Not too long ago, the unjust capture of 15 British sailors by Iran (a hostile nation) would have been seen as an act of war. In today’s wishy-washy world of anti-America (and its allies) hysteria, where apologists for terrorism are crawling out of every nook and cranny to be feted on television, this aggressive deed has been relegated to a minor issue in the mainstream media. The UK is already being blamed for provoking the incident and for lying about the true geographical location of its forces. It is a sad day when the left sides with an Iranian leadership that has called for the destruction of Israel, denied the holocaust took place and has as one of its goals the demise of the USA. Sad, but not surprising, when one considers that many of these same people on the left blamed the western world for the 9/11 attacks.

Where the capture has received coverage, the tone and content of the reporting have suggested that the US and the UK have somehow concocted the whole episode in order to have a reason for launching military action against Iran (conveniently forgetting the fact that there are already numerous reasons to justify military action against this hostile nation).

The anti-Bush/America/UK crowd, including numerous Hollywood celebrities, are quick to attack the benevolent forces of the Coalition, and yet not one word is uttered condemning the illegal actions of the Iranians, in this incident or many others (such as the intrusions into Iraq to attack US forces).

It is somewhat ironic that Bush’s foreign policy of spreading freedom and safeguarding our democracy defends the rights of individuals to choose their lifestyles, religions, opinions and political allegiances, while the regimes and extremist groups that the anti-Bush Hollywood herd seems to prefer (over the leaders of the West) outlaw individuality and choice.

The UK’s response to the crisis has been uncharacteristically weak so far. One can only hope that there will be serious consequences for Iran if the 15 sailors are not released in the next day or two. Even if they are freed, Iran’s leadership needs to be given a very clear message about its unacceptable behaviour. The way things are going, Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon – suddenly, it will throw its weight around even more if it knows the rest of the world will sit back and do nothing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world, in the shape of the UN, will probably do nothing if past form is a guide. Once again, the responsibility for dealing with Iran will fall upon nations like the US and the UK – nations who have the courage and foresight to act with prudence in the best interests of the free world.

McCain Stands Firm in the Iraq War Debate

March 28, 2007

While the Democrats, and some Republicans, are more than willing to wave the white flag and surrender to extremist forces, John McCain remains committed to success in Iraq and in the greater war on terror.

While the US Senate seems to back a 2008 withdrawal of American forces from Iraq (in other words, setting a time for the terrorists’ victory celebrations to start), McCain made an excellent case demonstrating the success of the current policy in Iraq.

McCain dismissed current critics of the war and of Bush’s surge policy as endeavouring to “micromanage a conflict based on what the conditions were three months ago — not what the reality is today.” He added that the surge “is working far better than even the most optimistic supporter had predicted. Progress is tangible in many key areas despite the fact that only 40 percent of the planned forces are in Iraq.”

The left and the anti-Bush/American brigade (Sean Penn et al.) are ignoring the fact that US policy in Iraq is turning out to be more successful than they had hoped (they act and speak like they hope for disaster and eventual defeat).

Presidential hopeful, John McCain, recognizes the necessity of victory in the war on terror (and yes, Iraq is a crucial part of the war on terror despite what the MSM would have us believe). Success over the extremists is vital not just for  security in the Middle East but for the national security of America (and by extension, the free world). The next President must be prepared to carry on the fight.

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Rosie’s War Against America

March 26, 2007

Once again, Rosie O’Donnell took up the fight against the United States of America and its allies today on The View.

Referring to the capture of 15 British sailors, she urged viewers to “google Gulf of Tonkin” on several occasions during the show. Her implication was that the current Iran incident would be used as a pretext for war. Clearly, Rosie is against the US and its allies on any issue. There can be no defence for Iran capturing those British sailors. It is clearly an aggressive act designed to demonstrate to the world that it does not care for international law – nicely timed with the UN’s vain attempt to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions with the usual ineffective sanctions. This latest incident is just one of many that would certainly justify further action against Iran.

Rosie showed no concern for the well-being of the British sailors, and yet, on the same show, she proceeded to lament how the media gives little coverage to the soldiers killed in Iraq. These views seem to be contradictory – something that is typical of the left these days.

It would be nice if Rosie were to decry the horrors being committed by the extremists in Iraq in the name of Islam – that would be expecting too much. She gets too much of a kick from denigrating the brave men and women of America and the attempts by countries like the US and the UK to safeguard our way of life and to stand up to terror. The lack of media coverage regarding what these extremist groups (and the Iranian leadership) want to do to affect our lives is something that should be protested.

By the way, when one googles the Gulf of Tonkin incident, one is taken to a myriad of conspiracy sites, including Rosie’s own blog. Interestingly, Rosie’s site includes many references to 9/11 conspiracies and one of ther latest blogs refers to the “blowing up” of Building 7. Rosie lives in a world of conspiratorial propaganda whose only purpose seems to be to undermine the American government (and its allies). Worryingly, but unsurprisingly, her views go unchallenged on The View. It is bizarre that a person with her lifestyle chooses to support regimes and other groups (ie the enemies of USA) that are extremely intolerant of such a life.

 While Rosie is happy to criticize the efforts of the USA in Vietnam, she, like many of her conspiracy-fanatics, are unwilling to recognize the impact the American action had. By responding with such resolve for much of the Vietnam war, the US effectively dissuaded the Communists from trying more audacious takeovers in other countries around the world. Likewise the military successes in Afghanistan and in Iraq (as long as the will remains strong) encourage the oppressed and give freedom a chance in a region so long bereft of hope.

One question remains. Should Iran get a nuclear weapon, whose side will Rosie be on? No doubt, the US will continue to shoulder the blame in her eyes. The US will also continue to protect her.

Will Iran’s Petulance Go Unpunished?

March 24, 2007

The capture of 15 British sailors by Iran is both alarming and unsurprising. Such a provocative deed should be expected considering the Iranian leadership continues to demonstrate its disdain for the rest of the world by developing nuclear weapons – weapons that its current President, Ahmadinejad, might well choose to use or exploit given his aggressive stance towards Israel and the West. Ahmadinejad has no reason to fear the UN. The UN is impotent – unless the US acts on its behalf. 

Knowing that popular opinion in the UK and USA is against expanding the war on terror and in favour of accepting defeat in Iraq, Ahmadinejad undoubtedly feels certain the UK and the USA will approach this incident with caution and with force remaining off the table.

These 15 sailors are feeling the consequences of the anti-war atmosphere that pervades the West. Those on the left and right who call for retreat in the war in Iraq are encouraging extremists around the world. One can only hope they begin to see the error of their ways and the potential consequences of continuing down the path of defeat. Capturing 15 sailors is the beginning. Wait until Iran succeeds in creating nuclear weapons. Cities with millions of people will then be in the firing line.

BBC Coverage

Do Democrats Want Defeat For USA?

March 24, 2007

With their continuing efforts to undermine the authority of the President during a time of war, the Democrats have clearly signalled, once and for all, their blatent disregard for the security of the United States, their lack of concern regarding the war on terror, and their desire to see America cowering from the enemies of democracy around the world.

The Democrats clearly have little sympathy for the millions of Iraqis who will be left in an islamo-fascist-run state if the US surrenders. The Democrats have little foresight, if they think the image of American troops raising the white flag in Iraq will deter the Iranians from using nuclear weapons to achieve their stated goals – these include the destruction of Israel and the USA.

The Democrats only seem to care about themselves and their political careers. Thank goodness, the leading Republicans, such as Bush, Giuliani, and McCain, place their country (and the safeguarding of freedom around the globe) above their party and their own political careers.

We remain on course for victory in the war on terror (a victory that is an absolute must) thanks to the resolve and determination of the President. He refuses to allow party politics to destroy America’s benevolent power in the world. The Democrats want to prevent the troops from operating at their full potential, and so they have passed a measure that would hand victory on a plate to the terrorists. The new direction the Democrats want to take in Iraq has been accurately described as a “declaration of defeat” by House Republican Whip Roy Blunt. He went on to say that “the stakes in Iraq are too high… to be content with anything less than success.” (Roy Blunt)

As Fox News reports, Bush will use the veto to prevent the Democrats plans from becoming law.

For the time being, Democrats and Al Qaeda will have to postpone their celebrations. With Bush at the helm, the USA and the Coalition remain on the difficult path to victory. Surrender is not an option.

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and Michigan for McCain’s reference to the Arizona Senator’s suggestions for the President regarding the Democrats’ bill.

Alive and Kicking

March 23, 2007

With a hectic schedule all but banishing me from the blogosphere for over a week (and let’s face it a week is an eternity in blogland), I have been anxious to get back into the political loop. As it turns out I have missed very little…

The Bush Administration continues to attract scandals. Not necessarily genuine scandals, I might add. Rather, stormy scandals that have been concocted out of a small teacup. Unfortunately, they have been blown out of all proportion by the Democrats and the mainstream media. I am referring to the firing of the 8 US attorneys. Any US President is entitled to do this and it is generally accepted that such moves might be made for political reasons. Once again, however, Team Bush has underestimated the potential controversy in an issue that is left undefended (Wake up America succinctly covers this point) and allowed the Democrats to dominate the issue in the MSM. Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General, gave a very wishy-washy performance as the story broke and gave rise to suspicions of wrong-doing owing to his changing view of the facts.

The Bush Administration continues to make this mistake with the war on terror, too, and, more specifically, the war in Iraq. There have been far too many interviews with members of the Bush Administration (like Rumsfeld) where the person has been questioned as to why the Bush message is not being communicated in the MSM. Their response has generally been an airy-fairy one at best, along the lines of “we cannot make the media show what we want them to… (the successes in Iraq, for example).” Rumsfeld’s main fault, in my opinion, was his failure to communicate clearly his intentions, the successes of the troops and a solid defence of the war on terror in the MSM – he might argue that he should not need to defend the decision to go to war or to criticise the media for ignoring the daily triumphs of the Coalition forces. In bygone days, this view might have been fine but in today’s world of highspeed media communications, his lack of response to the anti-Bush (anti-American) propaganda in the MSM only served to create more of a void which the leftists then swarmed to fill.

The Bush Administration seems to be willing to hand over control of almost every breaking news story to the Democrats/anti-Bush brigade. It is not simply a matter of media bias, although that is undeniable. It is also a matter of failing to grasp the notion that there is a constant need for the Administration to make its case on the issues at all times.

The war on terror is the prime example of this. Many members of the public seem to have forgotten 9/11, or, at least, the implications of that attack have slipped to the back of their minds. Bush was back on message this week as the fourth anniversary of the start of current military action in Iraq was noted. This is a prime example of the need to remind Americans (the growing number who want to retreat and wait until the next attack) and the rest of the world what we (the Coalition) are fighting for.

Freedom, freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, freedom to live in peace and without fear. Failure to win the war on terror (and surrendering in Iraq, as many Democrats seem to want) will lead to the free countries around the world losing the freedom we cherish so highly. The message from Bush on the war on terror has to be a repetitive drumbeat. If the public continues to fall into the trap of thinking there is no threat, we are lost (unless, of course, our politicians have the backbone to ignore public opinion and make the decisions that will safeguard our way of life).

One man who does have the backbone for that fight is John McCain. Once again, Fox News continues to run articles suggesting his campaign is in trouble. Although, at last, they add the caveat that it is still very early on in the campaign. Given that the main source of information in this text seems to have been James Carville (who so skilfully advised John Kerry towards the end of his campaign in 2004), this opinion piece, once again, highlights the Fox effort to besmirch McCain’s good name.

McCain is far from dead in the water. Fox will have to back one of the moderate Republican candidates eventually – whether it’s going to be McCain or Giuliani is not as clear as the opinon polls seem to suggest. The McCain campaign is alive and well and may yet force the Fox pundits to eat their words.

One high point of the week I caught in the news was the talk of Senator Joe Lieberman potentially switching to the Republican Party. The Democrats certainly do not deserve him. Surely Lieberman has a role to play in a future McCain Administration, even if, unfortunately, the old dream-team of Lieberman as McCain’s VP would literally be too old a package now to consider seriously. Or would it?

Overall, somewhat of a ramble.