The Left’s Plan: Flee Iraq and Kowtow to Iran

Britain is planning to withdraw 1600 troops from southern Iraq. The mainstream media celebrates and the people rejoice. 

These two sentences would not seem out of place in a pro-Al-Qaeda, anti-democratic publication. Unfortunately, they sum up perfectly the reaction of many of the democratic countries that Al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups intend to harm, or better still, destroy.

The timing of the withdrawal of British troops is clearly unhelpful to the Bush administration, since the US has applied the opposite strategy – redeploying more troops. Many critics of the war will overlook the fact that the majority of these soldiers are being sent to Afghanistan to strengthen the forces in the face of renewed attacks from Al-Qaeda that are predicted to come in the spring. That the troops are being removed from Iraq rather than redeployed within Iraq is a matter for some debate. Blair will certainly have discussed his plans with President Bush before deciding upon the current course of action.  It would have been an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the solidity of the Coalition, if the British forces had moved into Baghdad – even for a limited period of time. As it stands, the move out of Iraq, when taken with the withdrawal of other forces (Danish, South Korean), tends to add fuel to critics’ claims that the war on terror is losing support even among America’s most loyal allies.

The American and Australian leaders appear to be the last bastions of reason and foresight when it comes to tackling the extremists.  While many in the media and in the leftist anti-war movement describe them as delusional, they are the loudest voices among seemingly dwindling numbers who can see the tragic consequences that await the oppressed in the Middle East and the free (for now) in democratic countries around the world if the white flag is raised. Iran is already taunting the rest of the world and will soon be threatening the world just as arrogantly with nuclear weapons.

Why? Ahmadinejad knows the majority of citizens of the United States, UK, Australia and any other country, for that matter, do not have the stomach for another war – even if dire consequences await the generations to come.

The Iranian President is also aware that Nato is beginning to lose its backbone for battle.  The Liberal Party in Canada, reflecting public opinion, recently announced a policy of complete withdrawal from Afghanistan if it holds the balance of power after the next election. When are politicians going to stand up for principles of freedom and democracy rather than surrendering to the whims of an under-informed and short-sighted electorate? 

Germany would have won WWII if major policy decisions rested upon the results of opinion polls.  If a leader had had the courage to launch a pre-emptive war against Hitler, many millions of lives would have been saved.  This is comparable to the situation against the Islamic extremists today. 

At the moment, the media and the left-wing politicians are in favour of postponing action against the extremists.  Postponing is the only verb to use here, for, undoubtedly, America and its allies will have to respond once a nuclear device is used.  By then, many more innocent lives will have been lost.

President Bush must remain steadfast in the face of intense criticism, if the war against the extremists is to be won.  The candidates for 2008 must realize they need to demonstrate similar resolve if America’s security is to be guaranteed.  So far, the Democrats have made it crystal clear that they will not fight.  They have offered no solid proposals for tackling terror apart from withdrawal from Iraq. Such a policy will only embolden those who seek to bring America to its knees.


One Response to “The Left’s Plan: Flee Iraq and Kowtow to Iran”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    Whatever happened to the socially aware politicians who were “Hawks”. People like Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn, Daniel Patrick Monyhan, and of course Presidents Kennedy, Truman and FDR.

    While there was always a lively discourse, these former leaders understood that having some resilience in the face of hardships of war, are needed for a nation.

    Senator Lieberman was castigated by his colleagues in the Senate, and it is a tragedy that such an honorable public servant was treated so shabbily by his own part.

    Good post.

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