Arnie Helps McCain Terminate Rivals

While many Republicans continue to claim that the idea of global warming is a hoax and a left-wing conspiracy to bring down the oil companies (?) among other theories, John McCain, taking a more realistic approach to the problem, teamed up with one of the truly great rising stars of the Republican Party, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California.

As numerous memebers of the Republican party persist in disputing the claims of many scientists that global warming is even occurring, McCain sees the larger picture:

“No matter who runs for president, this will be a very, very big issue.”

This is an undeniable fact, whatever one’s views on global warming.  The candidates who deny its existence or potential menace to life on earth will not gain any voters with this view and will certainly alienate many.  Through this joint venture with Schwarzenegger, calling for a low-carbon fuel standard across the United States, McCain has signalled his environmentally-friendly politics.  Schwarzenegger’s implicit support of McCain will come as a blow to McCain’s rivals owing to the growing popularity of support for the Governator.  It follows that many people, impressed with Arnie’s compassionate style of leadership , will be equally as enamoured with McCain following this type of co-operation.

Arnie and McCain share many similar characteristics.  Primarily they can both be described as ‘compassionate’ conservatives and the two of them are not terribly popular with some of the ‘old guard’ within the Republican Party.  Both men appeal to a wide range of voters, particularly the independent/undecided group in between the two parties.  Arnie has confounded early critics by continuing to receive support from voters of varying political leanings;  McCain should be equally as popular at the ballot box in 2008, once he wins the nomination – the ‘old school” Republicans need to realize the necessity of a candidate who can sweep the middle-ground in the political battlefield that is the Presidential race.

McCain and Giuliani seem the clear favourites at this early stage to be the candidates who can dominate the voters found at the centre of the political spectrum.  Any Republican trying to smear these men or to undermine their campaign runs the risk of conceding the race to the Democrats before it’s even underway.


2 Responses to “Arnie Helps McCain Terminate Rivals”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    A wonderful post. I have always admired Senator McCain. I think that beyond the small political deviations I have had with some of his stances, and who doesn’t have an area they don’t agree with someone on, the title of Senator truly fits this man. Mr. McCain’s sacrifices to our Republic are models of the spirit and love for the nation, that we can all take collective pride in, and utter grateful prayers for such men and women. As a veteran, I feel a kinship and an even deeper sense of the real sacrifices he has made.

    Although I am supporting Giulliani in the primaries, the main goal that the GOP must have is to maintain control of the Executive Branch to ensure that current Iraq policy, although very painful for the nation, be continued. Also, the ability to appoint judges has to be remembered.

    At this time, the only two candidates I can truly gladly vote for would be Senator McCain and Rudy Giuliani. I am also heartened that these two men are friendly towards each other, and their campaigns will hopefully be models of what a civil discourse is all about.

    A Voice of Reason

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