McCain’s Wise Moves

John McCain is no fool.  He cannot be elected President of the United States if he does not win his party’s nomination.  Thus, he is restating his opinions on the key issues in order to communicate effectively where he stands.  He seems to be the only candidate, thus far, who is prepared to nail his colours to the mast.

Some have accused him of flip-flopping on the significant issues like Roe v. Wade.  When one considers his voting record and revisits what he has had to say on the matter of abortion (, his latest comments seem entirely consistent with his previous musings.  That he has mentioned the possibility of a repeal of Roe v. Wade is clearly a political move given the fact that many Republicans view this as a major issue.  He has to convince the majority of Republicans to choose him as their candidate – it makes sense to court them by clarifying certain positions.  This particular clarification does not contradict John McCain’s philosophy over the past decade or so.

The most vehement critics of McCain have not been the Democrats, as one might expect.  On the contrary, his own party members have been the most bitter of critics at this point.

Some Republicans in McCain’s state of Arizona have been heavily involved in campaigning for his rivals.  They feel McCain’s views on immigration, stem cell research, and tax cuts are unacceptable.  What they fail to realize is McCain’s stance on these issues is in line with the majority of moderates in America. 

2008 is shaping up to be a year when a candidate with extreme views will not win the Presidential race – unless the Democrats choose a candidate who is equally as polarizing (ie Hillary Clinton).  Even then, the crucial voters will be the independents and the moderates.  They are more likely to side with a compassionate conservative to whom they can relate rather than an extremist tow-the-party-line candidate.

What McCain’s Arizona Republicans do not seem to understand is that McCain is their best shot at winning the 08 election.  Take immigration, for example: the majority of Americans do not want to see all the illegal aliens rounded up and sent back to Mexico.  Why?  Principally, because such a task would be impossible.  Secondly, because America, the land of dreams, has been built by hard-working immigrants.  The amnesty McCain supports rewards those immigrants who are hard-working with the right to apply for legal status in the US.  Most Americans would not begrudge them this opportunity.  The gay marriage ‘issue’ will not decide the outcome of the 2008 election.  Republicans who believe this is a vital issue and who choose a candidate based on this run the risk, again, of choosing a politician who will be viewed as an extremist by many in the country. 

Republicans, such as the turncoats in McCain’s own backyard, need to reflect upon what they really want in a candidate.  Either they choose a candidate whose opinions reflect the more right-wing element of the party on issues such as gay marriage, gun control, immigration, tax cuts, and isolationism or they choose a candidate who will win the 2008 election. 

John McCain is a candidate who does not hold the more ‘traditional’ Republican views.  He agrees with some but takes a more moderate, compassionate approach on other issues.  This would seem to give him the best chance of success in 08.  Giuliani, for the same reasons, would be the next best candidate.  The question remains… Do the ‘traditionalist’/’old guard’ Republicans want to field their ideal candidate or do they want to remain in the White House?  They cannot do both.


One Response to “McCain’s Wise Moves”

  1. avoiceofreason Says:

    Ironically, I think a “Dream Team” to give your notion a phrase would eventually help the opponents of Roe v Wade more than they may expect.

    McCain has been forthright in his opposition to the spreading of abortion, and is certainly open to this issue going back to the states, where it probably should have stayed in the first place, and is no friend of abortion on demand. Giuliani’s personal statements of being opposed to abortion himself, but supporting a woman’s right to choose has to be countered by comments he has made more than once concerning SC Justices. He would want to pick justices in the model of Scalia, Roberts, and Alito.

    With the likelihood of the next President appoint one to two more Justices, it is highly likely that a more Conservative Court would address Roe v Wade, in a manner beyond the most ardent Right to Life proponents wildest dreams.

    All brought about by those two “RINO’s”

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