Success for McCain

John McCain had a successful morning in Iowa where he answered numerous policy questions from an audience of mixed political leanings.  The whole event was streamed live to his website at and signalled a starting point for the McCain 08 campaign.

In recent weeks, his rivals in the Republican party and his potential Presidential opponenets in the Democratic Party have been receiving much media attention as they tried anything and everything to attract public attention.  Their main policies, of course, were to flip-flop over the Iraq war, treacherously undermine our troops in a time of war and take up opinion poll-inspired positions on key issues.

Senator McCain, on the other hand, has been living in the real world where he continues to fight the perils of global warming, to provide our troops with the support they need and to recognize that we are in a war where victory is essential.  Today, he turned up the heat on his opponents and joined the fray.  An intelligent decision, for some of his rivals are gaining momentum – Guiliani has been on TV almost constantly during the last week or so, and he seems to have adopted several key points from the McCain manifesto.  Since he lacks some political experience, it is clear to see why he might have used this tactic.  It is certainly encouraging and flattering to McCain.

During the questions, he re-emphasised his pro-life stance (excepting exceptional circumstances) while stressing that his form of government is less governing – in other words, more individual freedom and less micro-managing from government.

McCain is clearly a man who is willing to listen, not afraid to admit mistakes, full of passion for his country and its inhabitants, compassionate to those less fortunate and a firm believer that it is the duty of the United States to strive to free the oppressed and to support the needy around the world.


One Response to “Success for McCain”

  1. americanrevolution Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I see McCain has successfully obtained the domain. As my post, Jan. 18, the handover still had not been accomplished, as I outlined in my later post The new site looks great. I look forward to covering the race in depth; a job change and move have temporarily punctuated my blogging. Kudos on your blog!

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