McCain’s Environment Warming Up Nicely

While most of the other expected candidates for the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominations have been rushing around like headless chickens, desperate to appear on TV talkshows and changing their views to reflect the latest opinion polls, John McCain has stayed true to his principles and beliefs.  He is more concerned with the current issues affecting America and the world than his own standing with regard to the Presidential race for 2008.  Hopefully, the voters will recognize McCain’s continued efforts for the good of America rather than his own personal success.

McCain has continued to act in a bipartisan manner on the environment in Washington this week, representing the United States alongside that distinguished Democrat Joe Lieberman, so treacherously betrayed by his own party a few months back.  It was inspiring to see and hear a mainstream Republican unafraid to speak out on global warming in stating that America had to do more in the battle to save our environment.

The BBC reported that presidential candidate John McCain, who is co-sponsoring climate legislation with Mr Lieberman, was emphatic on the need for new initiatives.

“I am convinced that we have reached the tipping point and that the Congress of the United States will act, with the agreement of the administration,” said McCain. (

Once again, McCain is demonstrating the qualities so highly needed by the nominees for Commander-in-Chief.  While a Republican, he does sheepishly not follow the old ideologies.  This angers some so-called ‘traditionalist’ Republicans.  In reality, this should be regarded as refreshing.  It is McCain’s willingness to go out on a limb that has seen him be at the forefront of many key issues, pre-emptively striking at the problems. 

Pro-active rather than reactive is McCain’s mantra.  That he is the man for the top job is most clearly indicated in this fearless and unselfish approach to politics and his country’s welfare.  He has said on many occasions that he will not kowtow to opinion polls just to be popular. 

These are the qualities we need in a leader who will have many unpopular decisions to make in the years ahead if America and the free world are to prosper.  How reassuring it is to know that McCain values our future generations so highly that he is prepared to risk the wrath of big business by calling for reduced emissions and by encouraging a move away from dependency on fossil fuels.


3 Responses to “McCain’s Environment Warming Up Nicely”

  1. bloggernista Says:

    How can you seriously claim that McCain is sticking to his beliefs? The man has flip-flopped more than any candidate except for Mitt Romney. He used to like the gays, now not so much. He called Pat Robertson and his ilk agents of intolerance and now he’s sucking up to Jerry Falwell,

    The only thing that McCain has stayed true to is his obsession with becoming president.

  2. algoredotorg Says:

    WHich particular principles were you referencing? The flip-flop on the Confederate flag in 2000 in South Carolina? The one on federal campaign funding after the 2000 election? Or the lying on Social Security?

    Or hugging George W. Bush at a birthday party while people suffered in New Orleans?

    Or perhaps his crackhead judgement on Iraq? Or his sagacious vote against the Kyoto Treaty? Saint McCain is indeed principled. Like Faust.

  3. kathy Says:

    Well, It appears the crew has stopped by before me. Thanks for stopping by my place..

    Looks like you are off to a great start!!!


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